Sometimes, your humble abode requires a more-than-humble redo. But what should you consider before taking that restorative leap? Here are four things to know before renovating your home.

It's important to be realistic about your project's timeline. More often than not, renovations will take longer than expected, so prepare accordingly! Sometimes, finding a new fixture can take longer than installing it. Place those orders well before tearing down walls.

Consider investing in a key lock box. When hiring contractors, it's not always possible to be home while your place gets spruced up. To prevent having to run home at a moment's notice, install a key lock box that will make it easy for contractors to safely gain entry to their worksite. Pick one up for around $20. Buy it here.

Expect costly surprises to pop up during your renovation. Knocking down walls or pulling up floor boards could reveal your home's hidden issues. Prepare for those potential repairs and set aside extra savings as you budget for your upgrade.

Remember to shop around for contractors. Try not to commit to the first person you speak to. What one expert charges may be significantly more expensive than another. Plus, a particular contractor's timeline may be a lot shorter or more convenient for your schedule. Do your research, and get the job done for less.