We asked, you answered.


When it comes to the Southern affection for personalizing things, Reese Witherspoon sums it up best: "If it isn't moving, monogram it." But just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean you should. We had our own ideas about what should (or should not) be emblazoned with that lovely trio of initials, but we wanted to bring our all-important question – "To Monogram, or Not to Monogram?" – to you, the people. We posted a series of ten "Heck Yes/No Way" questions on our Instagram story, in search of (very scientific) opinions on monogramming everything from front doors to scarves. Here's how nearly 10,000 of our Instagram followers and arbiters of Southern taste responded.

1. The Front Door

The South says, "No way!"

Sure, we've all seen the painted wooden monogram wreaths hanging on front doors, but 64% of our followers aren't fans of that neighborhood trend. Want to personalize your front porch in a more subtle way? Try a monogrammed doormat instead.

2. Bookbags and Backpacks

The South says, "Heck yes!"

Yes, we love a monogrammed backpack for the sheer cuteness of it, but we have a feeling that 79% of our voters are all-in on the monogrammed bookbag trend for a more practical reason: It's harder for little Jane Ann to confuse her purple backpack with someone else's when it's embroidered with her signature script initials.

3. The Shower Curtain

The South says, "Heck yes!"

While the "yay" side overtook the "nay" side in this great monogramming debate, it was the most divisive of all the items: 54% to 46%. When it comes to personal bias on the matter, I'm all for a white waffle weave shower curtain personalized with a large, colorful monogram: It's an easy, low-commitment way to bring in a splash of color, plus you can coordinate it with your towels (which, obviously, are monogrammed).

4. Sweaters (And Other Clothes)

The South says, "Heck yes!"

While I'm all for baby bloomers and small children's clothes featuring a monogram, I'm not so sure I'm sold on monogrammed clothes for adults – but 60% of our readers say it's a stylish move, so maybe I'm missing out.

5. Boots

The South says, "No way!"

It seems that some things are too sacred, even for monograms. And when it comes to boots, 74% of our Instagram voters agreed that their old faithful kicks are better without that personalized touch.

6. Totes

The South says, "Heck yes!"

Monograms and totes go together like lemons and sweet tea: They're better together! Of all the categories, this was the closest to being unanimous: 89% said they're on board with the monogrammed tote. Gift givers, take note.

7. Bedding

The South says, "Heck yes!"

Bring on the monogrammed shams. 69% of our Instagram style mavens think monogrammed bedding is a smart move. And to the 31% of our voters who aren't fans of personalized bedding, take a peek at the heirloom-worthy monogrammed linens from New Orleans-based Leontine Linens … they may just change your mind.

8. Sandals

The South says, "No way!"

While Jack Rogers, the cult favorite summer sandal, offers monogramming, it looks like most of our crowd isn't going to take them up on it. 79% of our Instagram constituency would rather go the plain-Jane route when it comes to their Jacks.

9. Scarves

The South says, "No way!"

Receiving your first pashmina is a veritable rite of passage in the South: "Congratulations! You're a woman now." Yet, despite the number of scarves that inevitably pile up in a Southern woman's closet, it seems you won't find any monogrammed ones in the mix: 71% said it's better to skip the scarf monogram.

10. Cars

The South says, "No way!"

Monogrammed license plates, monogrammed car stickers – you've seen them in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot or in your neighbor's driveway or en route to church. But none of those cars belong to the 85% of our folks who say that monogramming your car is a bad call.

So there you have it: Pick your side, y'all. The monogram battle lines have officially been drawn.