Torn between the idea of spending a long summer day boiling under the beaming sun or cozying up on the couch in the comfort of your cool, air-conditioned home? Well, problem solved! When it comes to bringing the outdoors indoors, sunrooms offer the best of both worlds. Spare yourself from the bug bites and sunburns that go hand-in-hand with the outside world, by lounging in any one of these inspiring Sunroom Sanctuaries.

1. A Grown-Up Treehouse

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Reminiscent of a childhood treehouse, this sunroom acts as the perfect bridge between indoor and outdoor living. The hanging rattan chair adds a playful touch to the somewhat serious nature of this design.

2. A Kitchen Served Sunny-Side Up

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Rise and Shine in this bright Scandinavian kitchen. Mismatched chairs and asymmetrical light fixtures work together to yield a picture-perfect space. Nature truly serves as the focal point of this design with the built-in island planter.

3. Indoor-Outdoor Oasis

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We are daydreaming of spending a lazy summer afternoon sipping sweet-tea and catching up on some R & R in this easy-breezy space!

4. Eclectic Escape

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Regal colors, bold textures, and contrasting patterns make for an elegant interior-exterior escape that you'll want to retreat to year round!

5. Pool-Side Perfection

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Sky-high vaulted ceilings, black-framed glass windows, bright pops of yellow? We will take one of each, please! Not to mention, the pool is just steps away from the living space. This sunroom is the perfect hang out for a summer party!

6. The Greenhouse Effect

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By far the best way to bring the outdoors indoors is to do just that! Creating a lush, exotic conservatory is no small feat, but if you have the space and a green thumb, then you're all set! It comes as no surprise that this one actually belonged to The Great American Novelist, Mark Twain.

Check out how Laurel & Wolf Designer, Hermogeno Designs uses blue tones, large scale art, and simple, contrasting furniture to achieve a sunroom with coastal elegance for one of our clients!

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Whether you have the real estate to recreate one of these solariums, or if a sunroom is only a figment of your imagination for now, Laurel & Wolf can help make all of your indoor-outdoor living dreams a reality.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf