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Levoit Air Purifier
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My eyes practically swelled shut during my first trip to Lake Martin. It was ten years ago, and my now husband, then boyfriend had finally worked up the courage to include me in the annual Fourth of July weekend at his parents' lake house in Alabama. I'm one of those people who dozes off the minute an Allegra touches my lips no matter how bold "non-drowsy" reads on the package, so the medley of allergy medicine I swallowed for the rest of the weekend sent me into a daze that left quite the first impression on his extended family.

Don't get me wrong. I love our time at the lake–morning coffee on the screened in porch, afternoons on the water, and sunset cocktail hours that rival any beach evening. But even years later, it didn't matter how well I armed myself with nasal spray, cortisone cream, Claritin, and eye drops. The allergies that would greet me at the front door were as unpredictable as the summer storms that threatened our boat time. Will it be a rash this time? Maybe itchy eyes? Uncontrollable sneezing? I was a blast to be with, if you can't tell.

The second we plugged an air purifier into my lake house bedroom last summer, I could practically hear the entire family let out a sigh of relief. With a switch of this little circulating filter designed to fight microscopic impurities, my hosts didn't have to put up with my endless sneezing or wonder if medication side effects would have me dozing off before dinner. Even better, I didn't have to put up with it.

LEVOIT Air Purifier Core 300
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Like most filters, my LEVOIT Air Purifier captures particles and allergens like dust, pet dander, smoke, and pollen. It sucks in and circulates the air, moving it through a filter that traps pollutants and particles before pushing clean air back out into the room. It does this through three filters, including an air-tight, ultra-fine High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, so it's no wonder that it's a best seller on Amazon. Don't believe my experience alone? Just look to the other reviewers who will back me up. One Texas reviewer writes, "This thing is a game changer. Ever since moving to Texas, I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies…I woke up this morning with NO allergy symptoms. None. No congestions, absolutely clear nasal passages, and NO sore through at all! I'm blown away."

While this little device works wonders on its own, it's most effective when you combine it with other everyday ways to fight seasonal pollutants. Be sure to help improve the air quality in your home by vacuuming often, regularly changing air filters, utilizing exhaust fans in the kitchen, bath, and laundry room, and considering a dehumidifier if you're concerned about potential mold. With these small changes and the sweet, low hum of an air purifier, I'm finally breathing easy.