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Star Projector Night Light

For anyone who remembers a time when they were scared of the dark—for instance, if Monsters Inc. feels like your childhood in a nutshell—a good night light is something worthy of appreciation. In fact, the use of night lights in the home is so widespread that there is a whole selection of not-your-basic night lights out there to choose from to ensure there are no toes stubbed while navigating in the night to the kitchen or bathroom...and to make sure there are no monsters hiding under any beds. Boogie man, beware. 

BlissLights' SKY Lite, one of the best-selling night lights on Amazon, for example, has garnered over 17,000 reviews and counting. That's a lot of folks who are still wary of the dark—or who love to sneak into the fridge for a midnight snack. So, what makes this night light so uniquely favored? It projects a field of drifting night stars and nebula clouds to create a totally dreamy world right on your ceiling. It's made to utilize soothing colors and movement to foster a healthy (and dimly lit) sleeping environment that is appealing to both adults and kids. You can even adjust settings like the light effects, brightness, movement, and more to match your sleeping style.

Shoppers also note that the BlissLights SKY Lite is great for creating celestial-inspired ambiance for movie nights, dinner parties, and meditation spaces. That's right: This night light goes way beyond the bedroom, unlike your old trusty plug-in one from elementary school. (Hey, there's plenty of room for both.) 

Star Projector Night Light
Credit: Amazon

BlissLights SKY Lite

This projector night light uses laser and precision glass optics to create an epic universe right in your home. 

Shop It: $49.99;

Star Projector Night Light
Credit: Amazon

Elmchee Star Night Light

This super kid-friendly (and cheaper) device offers many different color combinations to let the young ones design their own atmosphere. It makes another great option. 

Shop It: $16.99;