The most beautiful pillow shams are nothing without super stuffing. 
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On the long list of things that the average person doesn't think about on a daily basis: pillow inserts. We can shop shams—the way more exciting thing that covers said pillow inserts—all day long, and one could even argue that the most beautifully decorative sham is only as good as the pillow inside. No lumpy pillow that looks like the wind's been knocked out of it here, please. 

Finding a high-quality pillow insert that won't go flat on you and that fits your budget—there are other home items to splurge on!—is harder than you think, especially if you've ever mistakenly bought cheap ones that don't last worth a Wickle. For that, we turn to online reviews, which landed us on the best bang for your buck as far as square pillow inserts to liven up the shams housed on your living room or bedroom furniture. Because if a boring white stuffer pillow somehow garners hype amongst thousands of shoppers, you can color us interested. 

Amazon Square Pillow Inserts
Credit: Amazon

Amazon's top-selling Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Square Pillow Inserts have over 11,000 reviews, of which nearly 4,000 are five-star, and come with a promise of the most resilient, firm yet fluffy filler you could want at a bargain price point. Sizes range from 12" by 12" to 28" by 28", which means even your statement-making Euro shams in your bedroom get the fluff they deserve. From there, being 100% hypoallergenic and made in the United States are just extra pros to put on the list. 

If you still don't exactly get why pillow inserts could capture such a following, the reviews are sure to inspire, from "Noticed that guests were gravitating to two certain pillows, then realized my family did, too. It was these!" to "The quality is equivalent to a higher grade pillow at Walmart, for half the price!" Many also note that for those who prefer a more professional, slightly overstuffed look, sizing up one size helps pillows to look extra perky and new. (I.e. If you have a 26" by 26" pillow, spring for the 28" by 28" stuffer pillow.) You can shop all sizes here. 

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Whether refreshing your couch pillows to majorly impress guests or fixing up your bed shams to look straight out of a magazine, you're bound to keep coming back for more.