Save everyone some sanity with these tips for spring cleaning with kids. 
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The time for spring cleaning is upon us. A professional cleaner could cost up to $250, but it can be much more rewarding to tackle this yearly task with the whole family instead. Here are five ways to make spring cleaning easier with kids.

Start small and save everyone some sanity. Stick with targeted tasks, like closets or toy bins, to see progress by the end of the day. Your kids will be encouraged by the sense of accomplishment.

Give everything a home so your kids have a place to put things when you ask them to pick up after themselves. Decide with your little ones where certain items should go, and they will know where everything's place is in the future. Flexible shelving is super helpful and can cost about $40. Buy it here.

Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to teach your youngsters about charity. Donate towels and blankets to animal shelters or old toys to Goodwill, so you and your can kids feel good about doing chores.

This doesn't need to feel like work. With the right pitch, you can turn various duties into games. Have them race against a timer or offer points for items discarded or put away. This should keep your little ones' eyes on the prize.

The best way to keep things tidy is to limit the clutter in the first place. Avoid material gifts in favor of experiences and trips. It's much easier to store memories.

With these tools your clan will be cleaning in no time!