Best New Southern Tastemakers for 2018

Adrian Johnson and Bethany Vann
Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography

Get to know the 50 people making fresh marks on Southern design.

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Adrian Johnson and Bethany Vann

Adrian Johnson and Bethany Vann
Kelli Boyd Photography

Interior Designers, Johnson Vann Interiors

Hometown: Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Known for: Bucking the typical beach house look for rich traditional interiors with a fresh twist.

Classic Comebacks: "We’re currently inspired by the return to all things bright and beautiful—rich antiques, classic fabrics in updated color palettes, and an abundance of brass!"

Chance Meetings: “We met through work early in our careers. Our design vibe propelled us forward, helping us land some big opportunities. We saw the writing on the wall—when it came to us, two heads were truly better than one…so we joined forces!”

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Alaina Ralph

Alaina Ralph
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Interior Designer, Alaina Ralph

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Known for: Creating spaces with “attitude” that she pulls from two key places: the personalities of her clients and the home’s architecture. She’s the go-to decorator when you want your home to look like you – only better.

Currently Can’t Get Enough: “Wallpaper! I love its ability to add pattern/texture in such a large way on the walls of a space.”

Believes in the Power of Pink: “I’m treating myself to a kitchen renovation that’s going to be unapologetically pink. The centerpiece of the room is a pink onyx backsplash.”

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Allison Allen

Allison Allen
Courtesy of Allison Allen

Interior Designer, Allison Allen Design

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Known for: Interiors that are both young and traditional. “Being from the South, I am inherently drawn to classic design, but I Iove putting my own fresh spin on it.”

Unbeatable Southern Decorating Combination: “Collecting antiques and having fun with color”

Big Debuts Ahead: The birth of her first child and seeing her Atlanta house in SL’s January issue.

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Allison Smith and Anne Scott Shelley

Allison Smith and Anne Scott Shelley
Courtesy of Allison Smith and Anne Scott Shelley

Interior Designers, Maison Studios

Hometown: Inlet Beach, Florida

Known for: Relaxing, comfortable, and beautiful interiors

Slow and Steady Southerners: "The South has always been known for its more relaxed, slower-paced way of life, but recently that is translating more into every facet of Southern design. There is a huge focus, even nationwide, on people wanting pieces in their homes made of quality materials versus mass-produced, cookie-cutter items."

No Room Is Complete Without: "Personal objects. Until a room has some sentimental items like photos or finds from travels it feels flat. Rooms need to feel like they belong to the family that lives there."

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Andee Hinton and Holly Deken

Andee Hinton and Holly Deken
Mississippi Houses

Instagrammers, Mississippi Houses

Hometown: Madison, Mississippi

Known for: Documenting the most beautiful homes in Mississippi (many of them are historic) with the hope of inspiring their 40,000 followers to restore and preserve older homes and neighborhoods.

Behind the Camera: Andee and Holly are sisters who love old houses and traveling through their home state to find them.

True Southerners: As you’d guess, Greek Revival is a favorite style of architecture. The favorite house they have ever posted? It’s a tie between Longwood Plantation in Natchez and Mont Helena in Rolling Fork.

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Andrew McFadden

Andrew McFadden
Courtesy of Andrew McFadden

Owner, East County Oak Timber Frames

Hometown: Athens, Georgia

Known for: Taking an old world, hand-crafted approach to construction.

Patient and Precise: “My timber structures do not require nails to hold them together. It is the careful joinery and oak pegs that do the work. The art and craft of our trade is on full display.”

Southern Design Is: Building things to last. “I think a lot of people are looking for quality instead of quantity or size. You can see that in the tiny-home movement that is going on and in other projects like Eric Rauser’s ‘500 Year House.' "

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Annie Downing

Annie Downing
Courtesy of Annie Downing

Interior Designer, Annie Downing

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Known for: Blending modern lines with traditional pieces in a way that feels familiar because of her clever use of color. Imagine dark purple with chartreuse and navy used in an approachable, comfortable way.

Southerners Appreciate Good Design: “There is a renewed appreciation for all things local and artisan. People want authenticity, uniqueness, and are appreciating the design process now more than ever.”

Dream Project: A beach house or a boutique hotel. Any takers?

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Blair Wunderlich, Elizabeth Keckler, and Ellen Leake

Blair Wunderlich, Elizabeth Keckler, and Ellen Leake
Splinter Creek

Developers, Splinter Creek

Hometown: Taylor, Mississippi

Known for: Rethinking how a new community should look in 2017. This mother-daughters trio took a chance on some timber property and used it to develop Splinter Creek near Oxford, Mississippi. “It’s for the person who appreciates the land, who likes working with their hands, who appreciates the seclusion but also enjoys connecting with people.”

It Took a Village: The modern-contemporary design definitely distinguishes Splinter Creek from other developments. The women cite a motley crew of design influences; to name a few, there was a barn in Healdsburg, California, some environmentally-sensitive architecture in Lake Flato, the magpie-collected style of John Derian, and the boldly mod look of interior designer Sean Anderson.

Don’t Miss: The Boathouse at Splinter Creek – it’s built in the water. "It’s the culmination of many years of dreaming, planning and drawing out the kind of place where our mother envisioned our family spending time together. When it was completed and surrounded by this perfect setting, we knew we wanted to share this experience with others and decided to create a community."

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Brandon Ingram

Brandon Ingram
Courtesy of Brandon Ingram

Architect, C. Brandon Ingram Design

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Known for: Designing houses in the spirit of the great architects who came before us, but in service to families and lifestyles of today.

Southern Design Is: “Returning to its roots. There is a tremendous wave of interest in traditional design. Clients both young and old are beginning to recognize fads and trends more than ever, and, perhaps out of nostalgia, are requesting more familiar styles and forms.“

Current Design Mantra: “Long live the formal dining room!!”

Dream Project: “I’m hoping that Lisa Marie Presley may one day tap me to do work at Graceland.”

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Bryce Brock and Kelly Reveals

Bryce Brock and Kelly Reveals
The Vine Garden Market and Design Studio

Owners, The Vine Garden Market and Design Studio

Hometown: Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Known for: Forging a better, fresher way for plantings and landscapes. This duo creates containers, landscapes, and floral designs that are organic, lush, and disciplined all at once.

Bold Garden Moves: “Containers and plant materials are being sourced to act as artistic focal points to anchor the architecture of a home or the interiors of a room."

Exciting Project: Finishing their Greenhouse which will double as an event space. “We created it from the ground up, inside and out! Everything is very clean (white and green, imagine that!) which allows the venue to take on different personalities.”

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Carley Page Summers

Carley Page Summers
Carley Page Summers

Interiors Photographer and Stylist, Carley Page Interiors (specializing in photography for social media)

Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina

Known for: Capturing those ethereal, perfectly messy rooms that populate our Instagram feeds (and that become especially enviable on rainy days)

Photography Goals: “I try to capture each image unique to its own surroundings and make them feel airy and moody.”

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Carlyle Wolfe

Carlyle Wolfe
Courtesy of Carlyle Wolfe

Artist, Carlyle Wolfe

Hometown: Oxford, Mississippi

Known for: Botanicals like you’ve never seen before. Wolfe chronicles the natural world through meticulous line drawings of plants that she turns into stencils that make their way into beautifully layered oil paintings or the occasional sculpture.

Permanent Gardens: “I am currently developing plans for a permanent, exterior, large-scale, stainless steel sculpture - a sort of metal garden.”

Dream Project: A large-scale, site-specific panoramic painting

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Caroline Frierson Hernandez

Caroline Frierson Hernandez
Courtesy of Caroline Frierson Hernandez

Graphic Designer and Owner, Sweet Caroline Designs

Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

Known for: Colorful and happy paper goods intended to brighten your day

Southern Design Is: “Always influenced by nature, but I’m seeing a trend towards people taking bigger risks with color and pattern.”

Dream Project: “Seeing my prints on clothing.”

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Caroline Swetenburg

Caroline Swetenburg
Caroline Swetenburg

Artist, Caroline Swetenburg Art

Hometown: Athens, Georgia

Known for: Old world, classic portraits like the ones that you’d see hanging in a Dutch castle and also very of-the-moment-bright abstracts

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: “After several years in the portrait business, I had a big empty space in my living room that needed some bright art, so I painted my first abstract and popped it over the mantel. My friend asked to buy it, so I had to paint another. Much to my surprise, it sold too and the rest is history.”

Catch Caroline’s Work: “I’m releasing a new batch of my abstract “Party Animals” collection online through Well+Wonder in a few weeks and having a holiday pop up show at Shain Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina, in December.”

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Cate West Zahl

Cate West Zahl
Courtesy of Cate West Zahl

Artist, Cate West Zahl

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Known for: Saturated, abstract paintings that are grounded by the horizontal lines found in nature

One-Stop-Shopping: Southern boutiques and home furnishing-focused, brick-and-mortar stores are doing an exciting job of selling art within the context of the store, which is totally flipping the traditional gallery model on its head. Check out Revival in Chattanooga (they sell Addie Chapin paintings), Blue Print Store in Dallas, and Pieces in Atlanta. Here in Charlottesville, The Curious Orange Store and And George are doing this too.

Check out Cate: Her new show, Color Camp, is in Charlottesville at Chroma Gallery.

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Charlotte Harris Lucas and Liz Harris Carroll

Charlotte Harris Lucas and Liz Harris Carroll
Trinity Tolbert

Sisters, Decorators, and Founders, House of Harris

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Known for: Whimsical patterns and vibrant colors that reflect this pair’s eclectic style

Southern Design Is Now: National. "What was considered “Southern” is now becoming popular across the country. Bold colors, florals and antiques – are not just for the South anymore."

If Forced to Choose Just One Favorite Pattern: Charlotte says, "I'd take our Vanderbilt pattern and create a hand-painted mural on the ceiling in a boutique hotel or big project somewhere.” Liz says, "Wallpaper the Green room at the Oscars with our Green Llewellyn wallpaper."

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Chenault James

Chenault James
Suzanne Jones

Interior Designer, Chenault James

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Known for: Elevating traditional Southern homes in unexpected ways by juxtaposing heirlooms with modern materials and finishes to create exciting-but-familiar spaces.

What’s Right Now in Southern Design: “In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, people are searching for the grounding impact of nostalgia and family heirlooms, which Southerners have in spades.”

Every Room Needs: "Something with sentimental value, something old, and something new."

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Christopher Sanders

Christopher Sanders
Courtesy of Christopher Sanders

Architect, Sanders Architecture

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Known for: Regionally-inspired, comfortably modern homes

The Shrinking Southern House: "The past 30 years have been bad for the waistline of homes. Houses and furniture have become super sized, consistently about 1.5 times larger than they need to be. But I see this changing; the idea that 'bigger is better' is being replaced by 'good design is better'."

His Next Big Project: We’ve tapped Christopher to design our 2018 Idea House.

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Claire Zinnecker

Claire Zinnecker
Claire Zinnecker

Interior Designer and Blogger, Claire Zinnecker Design

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Known for: Colorful interiors with a minimal, architecture-inspired bend towards modern

Be Bold: “Southerners aren’t afraid to mix materials and patterns. Bold statements and lovely textures are appearing everywhere.”

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Colleen Waguespack

Colleen Waguespack
Courtesy of Colleen Waguespack

Interior Designer, Colleen Waguespack Interiors, and Owner, Fig & Dove

Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Known for: Interiors edited so skillfully that even the fanciest piece takes on a modern edge. Her new, mostly-monochromatic holiday line, Fig & Dove, is case in point to Colleen’s less-is-just-enough ethos.

Can’t Get Enough of: Steel doors and windows. "Their structural strength and minimal profile allow larger panes of glass and more natural light in a home. I find Southerners always prefer to be outdoors rather than indoors, so this makes for seamless indoor and outdoor living spaces."

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Dorothy Shain

Dorothy Shain
Courtesy of Dorothy Shain

Artist, Dorothy Shain

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Known for: Paintings with plenty of color and pattern, as well as a playfully curious quality

Exciting Projects Ahead: A pillow and textile collaboration with Atlanta-based Lacefield Designs debuting in January and a swimwear line with Anthropologie hitting stores and online in Spring 2018

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Heather Chadduck

Heather Chadduck
David Hillegas

Decorator and Textile Designer, Heather Chadduck Textiles

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Known for: Timeless, hand-printed patterns with an organic spin. Each one is inspired by botanical imagery and fills a void in the market for traditional textiles with a comfortably fresh aesthetic.

Can Never Get Enough of: "A classic ticking stripe. I would love to print my designs on one. The dimension and texture would be glorious."

Preppy Project: "We just bought a golf cart. I'm having my fabrics laminated so we can upholster the entire cart, complete with a scalloped canopy and bolster pillows! It’s all blue and white and I’m using Lillieberrie in Indigo and Little Bamboo in Delft."

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Heloise McKee Mitchell

Heloise McKee Mitchell
Courtesy of Heloise McKee Mitchell

Owner, Mintwood Home

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Known for: Making classic Southern decorating accessible for everyone through her online boutique (Do not miss her pillow selection!) and her full-service design firm.

What’s Exciting in Southern Design: "Vintage patterns like big florals are making a comeback. People are also using wooden furniture and accents in ways that aren’t too rustic."

Heloise’s Big Project: A nursery for Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, whose twin girls are set to arrive in February.

Dream project: Redesigning an old country farmhouse

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Jay Draper and Mark Thompson

Jay Draper and Mark Thompson
Courtesy of Jay Draper and Mark Thompson

Owners, Shoppe

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Known for: Showing people that plants and gardens are the key to a beautiful home (and life!) through their brand-new garden store, Shoppe.

Their Style Is: Steeped in plant knowledge (they both got their first jobs at age fourteen working for garden and landscape companies) and informed by a sharp design aesthetic.

Why They Love the South: "Southerners recognize the importance of their heritage but aren’t afraid to infuse tradition with modern ideas. There’s a visible pride of place in folks of all ages here that preserves the culture."

Can Never Get Enough: "Terracotta."

Dream Project: It's happening now with the opening of Shoppe.

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Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc

Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc
Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc

Interior Designers, Logan Killen Interiors, and Shop Owners, Sunday Shop

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for: Creating homes and small commercial projects that are beautiful and easy with an emphasis on staying approachable and authentic.

Best Friends: “We met as kids, went to college together at LSU, and even worked in the same high-end bath shop. We knew that we wanted a store together one day, but waited until our interiors business had gotten off the ground to open Sunday Shop.”

Southern Design Is: "Broadening, especially in New Orleans. There has been an influx of people from the Northeast and West Coast. Those influences have combined with an already unique point of view to create a wholly original design perspective. Traditional French, African, California Cool, Tropical – it’s all here with an understated, slightly-decaying vibe."

Exciting Project: "We are a part of a fantastic team working on the new Virgin Hotel opening in the New Orleans Central Business District."

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Kate Long Stevenson

Kate Long Stevenson
Courtesy of Kate Long Stevenson

Artist, Kate Long Stevenson

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Known for: Energetic abstract paintings that have an unusually even-keeled composure and often feature the female form. It’s no surprise that Stevenson is a trained ballerina who grew up playing the violin.

Music Theory: “My work is usually musically inspired and my process is about the push-pull of letting go but also reigning in the chaos.”

Stay True to Yourself: “Never paint for the market. The lack of passion or authenticity in the work will be evident. What’s the point of creating without them anyway?”

Dream Project: Painting the backdrop for a new ballet set to a Philip Glass concerto that ties together the music and the dancers’ costumes in a coordinating hue.

Follow her @katelongstevenson

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Katherine Maresca

Katherine Maresca
Courtesy of Katherine Maresca

Textile Designer, Maresca Textiles

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Known for: Designing classic fabrics with a bohemian-modern flair

Family Business: "I was working with my dad, Mark Maresca, of Maresca & Associates Architects, and he needed printed panels to line cabinet doors. I immediately thought of a pattern that I’d been working on and it’s gone from there."

Southern Design Is: Maturing. “It’s coming out of its shell right now because there are some amazing showrooms popping up in unexpected places and giving interior designers a new way to shop. Fritz Porter in Charleston, Supply in Austin, and Bradley in Atlanta are giving young designers a platform to display their amazing, forward-thinking designs.”

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Limestone & Boxwoods

Limestone & Boxwoods
Courtesy of Limestone & Boxwoods

Instagrammer, Limestone and Boxwoods

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Known for: An impeccable eye for classic architecture and consistently posting some of Atlanta’s best homes – both new and old

Who He Is: A software consultant and an avid cyclist. “Being on a bike allows you to cover a lot of ground, but at a slow enough pace to ‘see’ a lot more than you would in a car.”

Frequent Visitor: “I get so excited to see a new project or renovation by one of my favorite architects. If it's in Atlanta, I'll ride by it every week to watch the progress and pop inside to study the details.”

Exciting Dream House: "I'm currently finishing up my own dream house. It's been several years in the making and I'm a few months away from being done. Paul Bates designed the house with interiors by Betsy Brown and landscape by LandPlus."

Follow him @limestoneboxwoods

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Lucy Cuneo

Lucy Cuneo
Lucy Cuneo

Photographer, Lucy Cuneo

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Known for: A photographer with a lifestyle blog showcasing her feminine aesthetic

Southern Design Is: “Colorful, personal, and layered. It’s not an anonymous, monochromatic style.”

Exciting Project: “I am developing a line of homewares that celebrate the best of my grandmother’s idyllic home in the South of France.”

Follow her @lucycuneo

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Marcie Matthew

Marcie Matthew
Courtesy of Marcie Matthew

Creative Director and Owner, Bloodhound Studio

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for: Being a Creative Director with a holistic approach and working with some of New Orleans' coolest companies: St. Roch Market, Krewe, Loomed, and Sunday Shop, to name a few.

Keeps it Consistent: "There is definitely a common thread between the style of my clothes, home, music, cars, etc. I stay away from trends. I like things that are always going to be cool. I'm very particular about details. I'm very particular in general. My favorite designers are Pierre Paulin, Milo Baughman, Verner Panton, and Thonet. I also love vintage sports cars. Some of my favorites are: the 1968 Bertone Lamborghini Muira, the 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, and the 1962 Porsche 356 Super 90.

Exciting Project on the Horizon: "We are in the beginning stages of overhauling a large, classic, heritage brand that is based in the South. I love a good rebrand. It is much more challenging and rewarding than starting from scratch. Everyone loves a makeover."

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Mariana Barran Goodall

Mariana Barran Goodall
Courtesy of Mariana Barran Goodall

Owner, Hibiscus Linens

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Known for: Starting a line of handmade bed and table linens that’s reviving old-world embroidery and needlepoint techniques with a contemporary touch.

While the Other Kids Played: Mariana sewed. “I grew up in a Catholic school in Mexico and the nuns taught us at a very early age how to stitch and embroider. I enjoyed it so much that my mom found other talented people to teach me their craft.”

She Teaches Too: In addition to designing and selling her linens, she offers needlework classes in Houston and beyond to people of all levels.

Follow her @hibiscuslinens

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Martine Chaisson Linares

Martine Chaisson Linares
Courtesy of Martine Chaisson Linares

Owner, Martine Chaisson Gallery

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisana

Known for: Representing emerging and mid-career contemporary artists

Knows That Art Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Concept: "I think walking into a gallery can sometimes be intimidating, so I try to be as relaxed as possible. If you love it, great, if you don’t “get it,” that’s fine. Art is subjective. I’m not here to tell you what’s right or wrong, just to help you along the way. That’s how people build collections that are special."

Art Buying Is: "One part intuition and one part logic. First and most importantly, I need to feel a connection to the work. If I am going to promote and sell the artist, I need to be invested. Secondly, will I be able to see it moving easily into a client’s home? I have to take that into consideration as well."

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Meg Lonergan

Meg Lonergan
Meg Lonergan

Interior Designer, Meg Lonergan Interiors

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Known for: Creating effortlessly shape-shifting interiors. Her rooms are both colorfully eclectic and versatile – a lot like Meg, who lived in Louisiana, Singapore and New Zealand before settling in Houston.

Client-First Approach: "Some clients want zero color and some want all color. Some want full service and some don’t. We specialize in everything from room decorating to renovations to new construction projects. We also offer an online service, Mail by ML, which is an alternative to our full-service design that’s perfect for smaller scale projects."

Master the Mix: "I’m working on the renovation and interiors of a 1930s home. It has very traditional materials like parquet floors, plaster, and paneling but we are mixing in high-end European modern furniture. It's a great juxtaposition and something that I think is going to really surprise people when the project is completed!"

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Meredith Ellis

Meredith Ellis
Courtesy of Meredith Ellis

Owner of Meredith Ellis Design and JAMES Showroom

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Known for: Keeping good design within reach. “I love curating a showroom that offers resources for others. These days it’s too easy for us to sit behind our computers and shop online. But what’s lost online is feeling, touching, and examining the craftsmanship and quality that need to be experienced first hand.”

Her Style Is: Always inviting and never contrived because she keeps it rooted in classic traditions.

Big News: Meredith just opened a second JAMES location in Dallas.

Even Bigger News: Meredith is the interior designer for our 2018 Idea House in Austin.

Follow her @jamesshowroom and @meredithellis

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Mollie Creason

Mollie Creason
Mollie Creason

Art Broker and Owner, Well + Wonder Artist Collective

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Known for: Giving emerging female artists a place to show their works online and creating a clientele that’s eager to find accessible original art. Visiting the site is like taking an easy-going, virtual studio tour of the South.

Exciting Collaboration: "Currently, I am delighted to be partnering with Serena & Lily on the opening of their first brick and mortar store in the South in Atlanta's Westside Provisions District. I cannot wait to share all of the original Well + Wonder art we’ve curated for their new location."

Can’t Get Enough: Empty white walls that need art

Follow her @wellandwonder

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Nathan Copeland

Nathan Copeland
Courtesy of Nathan Copeland

President, Highland House Furniture

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Known for: Reinventing a furniture company with great bones that needed a complete overhaul

How He Did It: Upped the design ante for Highland House with a more thoughtful approach that celebrates unique forms, beautiful textiles, US manufacturing, custom options, and strong relationships with people. Also, he launched two new collections with big Southern designers, Barrie Benson and Bungalow Classic.

If He Weren’t Running a Furniture Company: He’d be on TV. “I always thought my real calling was to be either Kelly Ripa's co-host or a Good Morning America host. Unfortunately, neither would accept my online application.”

Follow him @HighlandHouseFurniture

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Rachel Hall Taravella

Rachel Hall Taravella
Hannah McSwain

Architect, Taravella Design-Build and Shop Owner, Monomin

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for: Being a jack-of-all-trades designer. "I simultaneously run two businesses daily: Taravella Design-Build, an architectural design and boutique construction firm, and Monomin, a conceptual retail store for women's apparel.

Less Is More:"Monomin abides by the philosophy that less is more and more is too much. It is the belief that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Southern Design Is: Taking a turn for the minimal. “Quintessential Southern design historically relies on tons of layering in decor, which is always beautiful. Recently, I've noticed the newer generation's take is a cleaner approach, whether it’s using monochromatic techniques or de-cluttering the space to showcase the grand architecture."

Follow her @monominshop and

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Seija Ojanpera

Seija Ojanpera
Courtesy of Seija Ojanpera

Owner, The Dwell Hotel

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Known for: Pulling off the unlikely feat of creating a seriously hip boutique hotel that’s heavy on Hollywood glamour and mid-century modern yet right at home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Be Original: Almost 100% of the furniture and fixtures are vintage from the 50s 60s or 70s. Every piece and space is original and full of color.

Best Decorating Tip: Keep it eclectic, but in a tidy way.

What’s Next?: A furniture store set to open next door to the hotel in Spring 2018. “I want the people who say ‘I want to live here,’ to be able to walk next door and bring a piece of it home.”

Seriously Dreamy Dream Project: A best-in-the-world, luxury resort on the back of Lookout Mountain. The design would be seamless with nature. When you wake up, you’d be hanging just at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Cherokee National Forest."

Follow her @dwellhotel

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Sheila Youngblood

Sheila Youngblood
Carley Page Summers

Owner, Rancho Pillow

Hometown: Austin, Texas, and Round Top, Texas

Known for: Opening up her personal, eye-popping, wonderland-style ranch to the public. (Lucky us.) It’s a compilation of five structures all decorated Sheila-style and scattered on 20 acres. The Rancho has quickly become “the place” to stay during Round Top’s legendary, twice-a-year antiques fair. (Pro Tip: Book Now. Full Occupancy Consolation Prize: Get a ticket to one of Sheila’s Feasts in the Fields and Rancho Mercado.)

The Rancho’s Design Mantra: Everything belongs. “A mirrored saddle from a dance hall in Wichita, Kansas, from 1920 shines on a hemlock beam from a building built 150 years earlier. A mechanical bull from an old rodeo fairground watches over the pasture. A chandelier of clustered oyster shells hangs from the sun tunnel in the climate-controlled teepee. French linens adorn a Mexican bed. Graffiti art lives alongside gold leaf. City luxuries meet country serenity. Antlers mingle with wildflowers and there’s also plenty of music and love. Everything belongs.”

Motivating Compliment: “When one six-year-old visited for the first time, she said, ‘Wow, you must really like to share things.’ I do—and now I am, with anyone who wants to visit. (Thanks for the nudge, Amelia.)”

Follow her @ranchopillow

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Taylor Colson Horton

Taylor Colson Horton
Taylor Colson Horton

Stylist, And Delight Reigned

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Known for: Using her playfully elegant aesthetic to give visual direction to some of Nashville’s coolest brands including Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James, Ceri Hoover, and big stars like The Secret Sisters, Kelleigh Bannen, Martha Followill

Design Follows Life: "There has to be lightness to each project. Life is too short not to laugh."

Southern Design: Narrates. "We are storytellers in the South, and I feel like our houses should feel like that, reflecting our history and the path that we are forging now."

Project Closest to Her Heart: "My non-profit organization, James’ Gift. We provide gifts of comfort for families that grieve a neonatal or stillbirth death."

Follow her @and.delight.reigned

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