Smithey Ironware Is Having a Rare Sale on Its Cast Iron Skillets 

You can save up to $200.
By Christie Calucchia
August 18, 2020
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It’s not every day that Smithey Ironware puts its high-quality cast iron cookware on sale, but right now, you can shop select items from the Charleston, South Carolina-based brand at discounted prices. 

For the uninitiated, Smithey makes vintage-inspired cast iron cookware, including skillets, Dutch ovens, and griddles. Made right in Charleston, all of the beautiful pans feature polished interiors and a pre-seasoned finish, which gives them a truly nonstick surface.

The cookware looks stunning and works like a charm, evenly heating everything from delicate eggs to thick cuts of meat with ease. Versatile by nature, the durable cast iron material is safe to bake in the oven, heat over a grill, and even cook over an open flame (camping trip, anyone?).

While Smithey isn’t known for its discounts, the brand is having a rare sale on four of its sets right now, and you’ll want to take advantage of these unusually low prices before they’re gone. Take a look at all of the deals below.

The Essential 3-Piece Smithey Set

Credit: Courtesy of Smithey

This basic set includes three cast iron skillets in a range of sizes. Along with a silky-smooth interior surface and a pre-seasoned finish, these pans also feature the brand’s signature three-hole handles, signifying to anyone in the know that they’re from Smithey. Plus, the set has a perfect five-star rating from customer reviewers.

Buy It: $399 (orig. $460);

The Smithey Chef 8-Piece Set

Credit: Courtesy of Smithey

If you’re ready to revamp your entire kitchen, consider this eight-piece set, complete with three cast iron skillets, a chain mail scrubber, a spatula, a leather potholder, and leather skillet sleeves. The cohesive set comes with just about everything you need to get cooking and will tie together your kitchenware.

Buy It: $499 (orig. $580);

The No. 12 Combo Set

Credit: Courtesy of Smithey

This set includes Smithey’s popular No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet and the No. 12 Flat Top Griddle . You can use the griddle on its own or let it function as a lid on top of the skillet.

Buy It: $300 (was $325);

The Ultimate 12-Piece Smithey Set

Credit: Courtesy of Smithey

For those willing to take the plunge and upgrade their shelves with a vast collection of Smithey cookware, this 12-piece set comes with everything but the kitchen sink. It’s certainly an investment, but with it you’ll get four skillets, a griddle, a Dutch oven, a dual-handled pan, a spatula, a pot holder, two skillet sleeves, and a chainmail scrubber.

Buy It: $1,200 (orig. $1,400);