This Fun Kit Helps Kids Learn To Sew

Pass on the love of sewing to the kids in your life.

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Simple things like threading a needle and sewing a stitch are valuable skills to have, and it's never too early to learn. Knowing the sewing basics helps when it comes to reattaching a button or mending a seam later in life—and that's priceless. We found a cute kit that will help kids learn these basics while making sweet stuffed animals.

The My First Sewing Kit from Peachy Keen Crafts helps kids learn simple sewing skills while making six fun felt animals—a monkey, bird, giraffe, zebra, hippo, and lion—and a palm-leaf pin cushion. The homemade stuffed animals are the prize, but the fun is in making them. Kits like these promote creative play and help hone fine motor skills.

My First Sewing Kit

The sets are perfect for beginners and offer step-by-step, illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions for DIY stitching on these starter sewing projects. Each kit comes with felt cut into shapes, a needle threader, measuring tape, thread, pins, stuffing and scissors—everything your favorite kids need to sew their own stuffed animals. According to Peachy Keen Crafts, "The perfectly packed travel case is perfect for birthdays, holiday presents, sleepovers, rainy day crafts and more. Spend quality time with your child and help foster their fine motor skills, creativity and confidence."

Teach 'em young, and they'll have sewing skills for life. You can find the My First Sewing Kit at Amazon. (BUY IT: $22.95). Once they've mastered the DIY stitching, teach them how to cross-stitch with our beginner's guide to needlework, and then upgrade them to the best sewing machines for kids, teens, and beginners of all ages so that they can sew anything their hearts desire.

When did you first learn to sew? What were your first sewing projects as a kid?

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