Below the Mason-Dixon Line, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you’re hoping to raise the value of your house, the kitchen is the ideal place to begin. Instead of spending a large sum of money to completely renovate your home, check out these 7 kitchen trends that can drastically raise the value of your home. First, don’t take granite for granted. On average, switching to granite counter tops will help sell your home 38 days sooner with a 4% sales premium. And, be sure not to overlook your kitchen cabinets. Spruce them up with a fresh paint job; buyers love two-toned cabinets. Try common pairings like grey and white or navy and light blue to give your space a new look. Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store those half-empty paint cans. Everyone needs more storage, and studies show that 80% of homebuyers are looking for a walk-in pantry. It’s also important to have a specific place to sit down and eat. So, complete your kitchen with a fantastic dining space. After these changes, your newly renovated kitchen is sure to impress!

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