Creating new life in a small space is hard to do, especially when you've only got 600 square feet to work with. Texas designer Shannon Crain put every inch of her former stunning North Carolina apartment to use. She doubled-down on a lot of different spaces, using rugs to define areas in the open studio floor plan and giving fixtures like the mantel second jobs – this one doubles as a nightstand. With a few fresh coats of paint, Shannon took the banana-yellow box apartment and turned it into a bright, livable space. A soothing cream color on the walls allows for bold colors to pop even more (hello, blue tub!) and accessories like jewelry and hats ended up doubling as decor with their strategic placement. "Every piece had to be multifunctional, and I had to absolutely love it," she says. One of her biggest tips for maximizing the space was to create separate 'zones'. "Create zones to meet your basic needs—eating, sleeping, dressing, and living. I measured everything and drew an elaborate floor plan before moving in furniture. The kitchen was easy. Focus it on cooking and eating. The main room took more experimenting. I didn't want the bed to be the focal point, so we pushed it against the wall so it's out of the way and feels more like a daybed."

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