Not every painting project is as simple as loading a roller and rolling paint onto a flat surface. But, there are usually spots in the trim where the roller can't fit. If you're faced with windows, shelving, or baseboards – listen up. This process is called 'cutting in', and it means turning the paintbrush to get as close as you can to the object for clean, smooth lines. This technique is especially important if you've got different colors on your walls and your moulding, as you don't want white baseboard paint bleeding onto your freshly painted olive living room walls (and, vice versa). So, we joined KILZ and the Queen of Renovation, Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines, to see how the professionals make cutting in an easy step in the painting process. The first step to cutting in? Making sure that your brush is conditioned and ready to go. Moistening your brush beforehand with water and then shaking off excess will make it easier for the paint to come off of the brush. It also greatly helps in cleanup, later. Take a look.

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