Home designer Gena Kirk explains why.


Maybe, you're still staring at your 2019 home improvement to-do list wondering what you can knock off between now and New Year's Eve. Well, if some long overdue home renovation projects are still on your radar, fear not. Now—before the holiday rush settles in—is the perfect time to tackle a minor home renovation project. And one room in particular is a great place to start: Your kitchen.

"The kitchen can be a great project to take on before the holiday season begins. The kitchen is a place where people tend to congregate during the holiday season for cooking, entertaining or simply eating. People want to have a kitchen that's attractive, easy to navigate and functional for all the hours spent cooking and preparing meals or holiday treats for friends and family," says Gena Kirk, VP of Design at KB Home. "A small kitchen renovation doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. Simple changes like incorporating pull-out drawers for additional storage and organization, replacing old faucets with hands-free ones, adding task lighting, and updating or adding cabinet pulls are easy. They also don't take a lot of time or impact the budget too much." Bonus: By knocking off a small kitchen upgrade now, your loved ones will be able to ooh and ahh in a few short weeks.

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If you're looking to spruce up another area in your home before Christmas, try your living room. "[The living room is] where people tend to spend a lot of time during the holidays watching football games or holiday movies and enjoy their favorite holiday decorations. Some easy and inexpensive ways to renovate this room are a fresh coat of paint, incorporating a new rug and throw pillows, or buying new art or a mirror for the walls," advises Kirk. "It is also a good idea to declutter these areas. With all the additional holiday décor, they tend to get too cluttered. These small changes make your home cozy and ready for special time with friends and family."

On the decluttering front, consider adding a line to your daily to-do list that reads "toss/recycle/donate 10 things" in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. You'll be amazed at how much space you can free up just by getting rid of a few things each day.

Go forth and renovate, friends. We can't wait to see the finished result. And feel free to holler if that turquoise KitchenAid stand mixer makes it to your toss list.