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Fixer Upper Kitchen
Credit: HGTV

Every episode of Property Brothers wraps up with Jonathan and Drew Scott welcoming the couple back to their newly remodeled home. They always show off the new master bath with a subway-tiled shower, the open floor plan that gives the growing family extra space, or the skylight in the new all-white kitchen, but they completely skip the rest of the house. Do these people not have bedrooms for their children? It leaves viewers with a lot of questions, like: Are the extra rooms not remodeled? Do the extra rooms not fit within the already insanely high budgets? Are the families stuck with wall-to-wall beige carpeting and low ceilings forever? Finally, as Country Living pointed out, an HGTV star has given fans some answers.

Erin Napier, who hosts Home Town set in her hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, took to Instagram to post about one of the homes her show recently transformed. In addition to some photos of the beautifully updated house, Napier explained why HGTV shows rarely show the entire house. "People often ask us why we don't do bathrooms or why all the rooms aren't shown on the show," she wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption. "The answer is easy: we design the rooms that our homeowners tell us matter most to them (usually common areas), what their budget will safely cover, and what we have time to do for television since we only have eight weeks and are renovating three other homes in that time frame!"

"If you don't see a bathroom or bedroom, it's typically because it didn't need much work or our handy homeowners are weekend warriors who take it on themselves on a budget and with ample time," she added.

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There's one other reason that you might not see certain rooms on the shows. In a clip posted on People, Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines revealed that some of the rooms are used for storage, too. "Most of the time when it's the reveal, people wonder, 'What about the other bedrooms?'' Gaines says in the clip. "Well, this is one of the bedrooms, and it's finished […] except all of my stuff is in here."

Well, that answers that. Guess we'll have to stop yelling at the Property Brothers now.