DIY fans, take note.

Hanging Pots Over Kitchen Range
Credit: Helen Norman

Over the years, granite has become a staple of the Southern kitchen, where Grandmama rolls out biscuit dough and Aunt Sue preps her pecan pie. And despite what Trulia has to say about granite, we home chefs aren't ready to let go of the long-reigning countertop favorite just yet, and for good reason.

"Granite is incredible for its durability," says designer Amy Luff of Bristol, Virginia-based studio Viva Luxe.

Granite is also a better choice when it comes to creating less noticeable seams between slabs, she says.

"Granite tends to be busier than your marbles or quartz products. This makes it a forgiving material when it comes to seaming."

Minimizing the appearance of seams is especially important for keeping your countertop looking smooth and uniform, rather than looking uneven or like a patched-together surface.

And if you decide that granite is your countertop material of choice, Luff says that the installation itself is the most important part of the process.

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"Installation can make or break a beautiful slab and can quickly derail your renovation," she says. "Make sure that your installer is seasoned, handles seaming well and that they can provide you with modified finishes like honing or leathering. Switching up from the traditional polished granite is a perfect way to add some personality and depth."

So DIY-ers, even if you typically love a home improvement challenge, installing granite isn't the place to experiment or skimp on the budget. Leave the install—and your pretty slab of granite—in the hands of a tried-and-true professional instead.

As for choosing the type of granite you want in your kitchen, says the designer, don't be afraid to think outside of the brown-and-black box.

"We have been loving Fantasy Brown," Luff says. "It has incredible movement and takes on the soft white, greys, and blue-greens that are so prevalent in today's design world."