Home Town's Erin Napier Answered Everyone's Burning Question about Home Reno Shows

Well, there you have it!

So that's how they do it!

Home Town's Erin Napier finally answered the question we all have after watching her show and others like it: do they get to keep all that amazing furniture and decor?

Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV's Home Town

The answer is yes and no. "The homeowners' budget usually does allow for lots of pieces they get to keep and the custom pieces @scotsman.co builds for each home," Napier explains in a lengthy Instagram post, adding that she also likes to use the homeowner's own furnishings as much as possible.

For the rest of the decor, she reveals that she and her husband Ben source goods from their favorite local Laurel, Mississippi shops. They give the new homeowners a catalogued binder of everything alongside a special price if they decide they want to keep any of it. "It's a kind of 'welcome to the neighborhood!' from locals to these sweet new folks," she notes.

She goes on to explain her own unique decorating style. "Some may say my style is maximalist or cluttered, but I say it's real life," she says. "We all have STUFF, or at least I do--and those things are the pieces that comfort us on a stormy night (literally and figuratively) and welcome us home when we walk in the door."

Well, there you have it!

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