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Courtesy of Muffie Faith

Charleston, South Carolina designer Muffie Faith of Elizabeth Stuart Design shares her dream project, the best career advice ever received, and what every Southern home should have.

How would you describe your decorating style? I really don't have one style. I have styles that I lean toward and respect but I find if I love something, a particular design or element, I always find a way to incorporate it. I have always been called eclectic because of this but it's really just because I love so many designs. The designs from ancient Egypt to the cutting edge designs for today, many facets of each are inspiring to me. As I have grown older I have found that I am becoming more modern minimalist...contemporary if you will. I grew up with amazing mid-century design so I will always have a love of that time and design.

Courtesy of Muffie Faith

What are you loving right now? I started a hospitality line and am designing corporate offices in New York and London. The mid-century and contemporary furniture together is amazing! I love this aspect of design! I want to come home after each site visit and simplify, organize and streamline my style.

What is the best career advice you have ever received? When I opened my store I asked a friend of my mother's who had a beautiful and very well known store where I grew up what her advice was and it has always stuck with me... "Buy what you love, honey. One day you might get stuck with it." She was amazing, stylish, confident and "real" favorite type of woman!

Courtesy of Muffie Faith

What is your dream project? To design a modern contemporary home with sliding glass walls in the middle of nowhere so that nature is the focus and the trees and landscape are the focal point and the art.

What is something every Southern home should have? Family photos in silver frames, mint julep cups for flowers, flowers in general (I'm a big fan) and a copy of Southern Living magazine! My mother and my sisters all have a copy on a table has been a family staple throughout the years.