We smell a kitchen reno...


Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Look down.

In a recent episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home on HGTVDrew and Jonathan Scott showed just how much of a difference some strategic flooring can make. As Jillian Pretzel reported on Realtor.com, Drew and Jonathan are fans of using light-colored flooring in the kitchen to make the area appear larger than it really is.

Kitchen Light Floors
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

One of the home's residents, Jennifer, adores the finished result on the show, quipping "It's the perfect shade." Jonathan is pleased with the way the flooring worked out, too. "The light tone helps bounce the light around," he notes on the show, reminding us of the power of a color choice to breathe new energy into a space.

Personally, we love the clean, bright look that light wooden flooring lends a cooking space and how it serves as a simple neutral base to let you get more creative with color throughout the kitchen. Bold floral display on the kitchen island or bright tile backsplash, anyone?