Whether you're driving country roads, suburban neighborhoods, or the tiny historic streets of Charleston or New Orleans, it's pretty clear that Southerners love porches.


Porching is the best of both worlds – being outdoors with a little manmade help to make us a little more comfortable. Here are 10 reasons why we've mastered the porch:

Our climate allows it.

Moderate temperatures down here translate to a nine-month porching season. Our porch season typically begins in March and can extend to November.

We've nailed down the correct proportions for porches.

A lot of it depends on your house size and lot size, but a good rule of thumb is to make it deep enough to shade you from the sun, but not so deep to completely block it either.

We layer our porches just like our rooms.

There's no skimping on rugs, cushions, or pillows. That's what makes spending time out here so enjoyable. Heck, we'll bring out some blankets and throws to make it through a cooler night on the porch.

We bring the breeze.

No porch is complete without a ceiling fan. It's now both a must-have accessory and a necessity to keep us cool during our hot summers.

After the breeze is taken care of...

We insist on a furniture piece or two that moves like the wind.

There's nothing more soothing than whiling away hours in a rocking chair or porch swing.

We pick haint blue porch ceilings.

Local Southern lore teaches us that a pale blue painted porch ceiling keeps away evil spirits and our peskiest Southern companions, mosquitos (buzz…buzz)

Speaking of mosquitoes...

We also keep them away with creative and colorful container gardens.

They're filled with marigolds, which are a natural mosquito deterrent. Additionally, we're fond of lush container gardens filled with herbs and flowers even potted blueberries. Think of it as bringing a bit of the garden up to the porch.