This Is the Best Size for a Porch

Though any porch will do, really.

Front Porch with Green Rocking Chairs
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

As someone currently living without a porch, I'm hesitant to condemn a porch of any size—I'd take a Juliet balcony at this point if I could. A porch is a porch, and as any Southerner will attest, it's not something to be taken for granted. But, for those of you lucky enough to be adding a porch, or maybe just altering your current one, there are certainly a few parameters to be considered.

Most resources will say the minimum for a porch is six feet in depth. This is for good reason, as that allows enough room for you to incorporate chairs, potted plants, and/or other furniture with enough room to move around and walk in front of the furniture. At six feet, porch furniture is possible and you can reasonably enjoy the space. But eight feet is even better, as just two feet can vastly expand your options for furnishing. Furthermore, the MVP of porch sitting is the porch swing. At, their most popular bench is four feet long. An eight-foot porch depth gives you a solid two feet on either side for walking by or framing it up with some showy containers. (Though have no fear, small porch sitters! They note they make anywhere from 2- to 7-foot swings.)

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As far as width, that all depends on the location of the porch, your roofline, and the shape and size of your house. Of course, in our dreams, porches wrap alllll the way around and never stop. (With water views on every side, of course!)

Just take it from this 800-square-foot cottage Brandon Ingram built outside of Tallahasee, Florida. It has a sweet little porch front-and-center (complete with a haint blue ceiling) and a screened-in porch tucked away on the backside too.

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