Porch pittfalls to avoid.


We've said it time and time again. What's more Southern than a front porch? Nothing. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From a 660-square foot cottage to a historic Mississippi farmhouse, a porch can make a big (we're talking huge) difference in a home's look and feel. If you're lucky enough to spend your mornings or afternoons (or anytime really) out on a porch, make sure you max out your porch-sitting potential with the right decor. Here, five mistakes to avoid on any porch.

1. Not making sure rugs are truly outdoor friendly.

Go so far as to read the materials list and care instructions. Unfortunately sometimes ones labelled as indoor/outdoor still are susceptible to mold and sun damage. Don't just look for the "outdoor" label, look for 100% polypropylene and mold-, mildew-, and sun-resistance.

2. Thinking that sun exposure precludes your textile options.

There is an ever-growing selection of sturdy, sun damage-resistant fabrics for porch pillows and accessories. Check out Sunbrella's collection of hard-working but stylish options.

3. Forgetting a friendly door mat!

A warm welcome is essential to any Southern home. What better way than a monogrammed mat? Or this fun DIY one:

4. Not keeping it clean.

Pressure wash brick steps, seal in wooden floors, brush off fallen leaves. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it's the weekend-warrior chores that keep porches both beautiful and safe and clean to walk on. (Especially barefoot!)

5. Forgetting to accessorize!

Just like any stylish ensemble, a porch needs a little oomph from accessories. Lanterns, planters, sun-safe pillows, lights, and weather-proof knick knacks make the space feel like a true additional room of your home, not just any old outdoor space.