5 DIY Projects That Will Make Your Porch the Envy of the Neighborhood

We're jealous too.

There's no place we'd rather be, anytime, than posted up on a front porch somewhere. After all, there's nothing more Southern than evenings spent out on a porch (drink in hand, preferably!). So it can't hurt every now and then to take stock of your porch situation—is it as inviting as it could be? A weekend DIY could provide the little TLC a porch needs every once in a while. Here, five porch decorating ideas to get yours looking its best.

Porch DIYs

1. Add a window box.

It's no secret we love a good window box around here. Look to sites like windowbox.com or gardeners.com for affordable box options. Our advice for filling them up? Follow the "thriller, filler, spiller" recipe: put a tall plant in the center, mounding plants on the sides, and trailing plants flowing over the edges. Get some ideas here.

2. Mix up your mat.

Remind guests to wipe their feet with a mat their eyes can't miss. These colorful geometric mats are playful and easy to make, and as far as porch additions go, low-cost and low commitment. Plus you can pick your own palette.

3. Grow a climbing vine.

Bring color, form, and elegance to your porch or garden with an eye-catching climber. All you have to do is set it up, and nature handles the rest. It will require some patience, and a bit of research on the front end though. A few things to think about: is the spot in the sun? Are you allergic to bees? What's your home made of? Do you want to mix up the look each year?

4. Hang a wreath.

We've got fall wreaths. We've got Christmas wreaths. We've got Valentine's Day wreaths. We've got…you get the picture. A wreath is a quick, affordable, and totally DIY-able way to switch up any doorway.

5. Build a classic container garden.

When it comes to container gardening, the possibilities are endless. Find a container or planter you like and keep potting soil on hand, and you could change up your container scheme every season if it so pleases you. And don't worry, we have an endless reserve of ideas for guidance.

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