Our Senior Homes Editor details the realities of her web-browsing dreams.

Pritchard Home Exterior
Credit: Alison Miksch

I've grown quite fond of Pinterest. I go there for decorating inspiration. I seek it out to settle personal or work-related design dilemmas. For instance, which is better interior mount Roman shades or exterior Roman shades? Pinterest always lets me know. My Pinterest home decorating reminds me my childhood dollhouse—without the limitations of all that wicker, hand-me-down doll furniture. My Pinterest "home" is a lot more imaginative, creative, and way chicer. Here, I'm a risk taker! At least I thought I was. Upon closer look, there's a recognizable look to my Pinterest-created home: lots of stripes, sherbert colors, white, and lots of windows and window treatments. See the house that Pinterest built me:

The Exterior It's a one story white cottage with an extraordinary detail like a thatched, storybook roofline or a front door framed with extra-wide shutters and beautiful lanterns (always in pairs!). The kind of exterior that makes you slam on your brakes to marvel at it.

The Living Room
It's light filled and lovely with a lightly patterned, sofa covered in richly patterned pillows. There's a large painting hanging above it. Although the overall effect in my room is light, I'm no minimalist. There are layers of books, fabrics, and lots of furniture in here. Although, the sofa is always the star and the artwork is the supporting act.

The Dining Room
Ah! It looks the walls in here were inspired by the fabric pattern on my living room sofa. They are papered in a ladylike floral print and the chairs are antique with a colorful and comfy plush seat. The table varies between a polished wood antique or a skirted table. There are large windows in here and lighting is usually more on the modern side.

The Kitchen
Again, it's light and airy in here, but it's also more modern and streamlined. I've got marble counters and bold graphic tiled floors. My cabinetry is simple and I never have upper cabinets. But, I must be a serious cook, because my dream kitchen always has top-of-the-line commercial looking appliances that I would never hide behind cabinet fronts.

The Bedroom
I sleep in a sky-high canopy bed with plenty of privacy because the draperies in here are floor-to-ceiling, just like my windows. My bed linens are plain and simple and, when it comes to my bed pillows, less is always more. There are books on my nightstands and an antique settee at the foot of my bed.

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