Our Favorite Linen Sheets for Summer

Meet bedded bliss.

Linen Sheet Set Parachute Brown
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It's that time of year again. Things are getting hot. Really, really hot. You've cranked up your AC. You've dusted off your hand fans. You've removed extra blankets from your bed. And yet...you're still not comfortable. At all. Things remain really, really hot. And you're ready to talk about it until the cows come home, ready or not.

We hear you, dearest readers from the depths of Texas and the hollows of Virginia. And that's why we're letting you in on a little secret. Well, a big, airy, cooling one, actually. Linen sheets.

Little did we know but this flax-woven material works as wonderfully as it does for a casual dress or comfy, drawstring pants as it does on our beds and pillows. We first became acquainted with Parachute's Linen Sheet Set when a review flashed onto our radar from our friends over at Good Housekeeping. "Parachute's popular linen sheets were the favorite among our tester panel: They earned the highest softness and overall feel scores compared to other linen fabrics," wrote Lexie Sachs on behalf of the Good Housekeeping Institute. "They also held up during our durability tests, but they did have a noticeably wrinkled appearance after washing (which is typical for linen," Sachs continued, noting that the set comes with a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, with a flat sheet available at additional cost.


You can buy Parachute linen sheet set here, from $149. The sheets are available in sizes twin through California King and come in eight colors, though we're partial to "Shore" (directly above) and "Terra" (showcased at the top of this article). The sheets are machine washable and work well for warm or cool sleepers. Get ready to count sheep like never before on this durable, comfortable fabric.

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