The Gunk on Your Cast Iron Pan Is No Match for This Highly-Rated Scrub Brush

Shoppers say it cleans pots and pans in minutes.

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It happens to the best of us. After a long day of cooking, your coveted cast iron gets left sitting out overnight, and the crumbs of your creations have cemented to your cookware, resulting in a tricky mess to clean up. But, if you have the right dish brush, complicated crusty messes will disintegrate in no time at all.

Over 10,000 reviewers gave Oxo's Good Grips cast iron pan brush a perfect rating, which is quite telling when it comes to proving that this little tool knows how to successfully scrub up a storm. Some things just seem impossible to scrape off, but reviewers found there's really nothing this gadget can't handle.

OXO Good Grips Cast Iron Pan Brush
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The brush's bristles are separated into 15 sections, and there's a scraper at the top for tackling gooey or crusty bits that seem permanently stuck to the surface. The duo work in perfect harmony to quickly slough off leftovers without ruining the seasoning on your favorite kitchen pieces. As one happy person wrote, "I added water to the skillet and within minutes had a clean pan without having to scrub too hard."

Despite vigorous scrubbing and nonstop use, folks were pleased to see that this brush held up for months without having to replace it. Others even mentioned they cast aside their Lodge brand tools and chain mail scrubbers in favor of this handy tool.

"I bought this for my cast iron grill pan, as my regular cast iron chain scrubbers just didn't get in the crevices," explained a shopper. "This scrub brush made a HUGE difference in cleaning my grill pan. Residue came off easily, with only hot water and the brush, and very little effort was needed."

And if your cast iron cookware aren't the only kitchen staples that are in need of a good scrub-down, you can also buy Oxo's Panini Press brush. It has a similar shape but features several rows of filaments for getting gunk out of woks, grills, panini makers, and breakfast food griddles.

"I personally used it to clean a waffle maker that has been giving me a hard time for months; it had caked-on Pam cooking spray, solidified cheese, and burnt bits from our kids' quesadilla dinner," explained one reviewer. "Within minutes, I had the whole waffle maker clean and ready for a final wipe down and storage." The trickiest pots and pans can get clean once and for all. You just need this handy little brush to make the job as easy as pie.

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