3 Secrets for Creating a Productive Home Office

Follow these simple steps to easily design a work-from-home space that's perfect for your career goals.

It has been almost a year since work-from-home life began, and at this point my sofa and I are practically inseparable. In fact, we've started to resemble each other. Since "permanent couch-potato" has never been one of my life ambitions, I think it's time to make a change. I need a healthy work-life balance, and that begins with creating a productive home office. Follow these simple secrets to easily design a work-from-home space that's perfect for your career goals.

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Find A Space

Start with what you have. Whether it's a cozy nook at the top of a stairwell or mahogany desk in a room all on its own, begin by finding a space in your home and designating it for work. Try to locate an area with natural light, and brighten it with fresh flowers for an automatic mood-booster. A quiet environment in a distraction-free zone will help advance productivity.

Make It Your Own

Construct a home office that inspires creativity and happiness; make it represent who you are and the work you want to achieve. Easily create a gallery wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper and refurbished artwork. Pro tip: Lay out the design on the floor before hanging anything on the wall. This will help you imagine the final product and avoid any mistakes. If you don't have room for a full gallery wall, mood boards are a great alternative. Use fabric swatches, inspiring quotes, and beautiful photographs to create something that evokes passionate work.

Use What You Have

Get thrifty—the goal isn't to break the bank. Consider everything you might need and then look around your home. You might be able to repurpose long-forgotten furniture and accessories. An easily accessible charging station, elevated laptop service for video calls, and a bookshelf stacked with useful information are helpful additions to a productive home office. Before you buy them, have a look around. They could be tucked into a closet, ready for the taking (and remaking).

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