Here at Southern Living we love a beautifully decorated, well-organized laundry room, but we all know what's most important–actually clean laundry. There is no more pleasant smell than a load of fresh laundry. Whether you're pulling soccer uniforms or linens out the wash, it should all smell like fresh spring flowers. But should the temperature be set on hot or cold? Washing your loads on cold can be safer for your garments, reducing the risk for shrinkage and further setting in protein stains. If smells still linger in garments such as workout clothes, switch to a cold-water detergent. And if you still need a little more convincing, washing clothes on cold is more eco-friendly because it reduces less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. We don't know what Mama would say about this, but our friends at Real Simple give a convincing argument on why we should switch all our loads to cold.

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