Symmetry is the name of the game in this dressing area. Features such as paneled cabinets and beaded-board walls create a cottage-inspired bath.
A Vanity Made for Two

We've all stayed at a friend's or family member's house where claiming time in the bath was like suffering through a round of musical chairs. Foreseeing their company's need to spread out, these Washington, D.C., homeowners doubled the amenities in their guest bath.

Starting with the vanity, the marble countertop contains side-by-side sink bowls, along with space for toiletries and display canisters. For more storage, dual medicine cabinets above recess into the back wall and are illuminated by matching chrome-and-frosted glass sconces. Completing the symmetry, floor-to-ceiling cabinets flank each side of the countertop. The cabinets have beaded panels that complement the textured walls.

Ensuring that this vanity went the extra mile was crucial to both the designers and homeowners. That's why the chrome base of the countertop also serves as a towel bar.

Jazz Up Your Dressing Area

  • Be creative. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets aren't just for the kitchen.
  • Explore plumbing fixture, countertop, and faucet options. Visit a home-improvement center for ideas. Furniture pieces can also be outfitted for pipes and sinks.
  • Personalize with accessories. Glass canisters for cotton swabs and cotton balls make necessities look pretty. For a special touch, place fresh flowers in an attractive vase.

"A Vanity Made for Two" is from the April 2007 issue of Southern Living.