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Friends who know me aren't surprised to learn that I actually get joy out of cleaning my floors—and not just the result, the actual process of it. But what my friends are surprised about? How much they suddenly enjoy mopping once they pick up their very own nifty spin mop system. Even the most easy-going among them have been converted thanks to a trusty little stick and bucket that will revolutionize how you approach cleaning. As an early Christmas gift, Amazon is offering 51% off the Tsmine Deluxe Spin Mop Bucket System, making it $38.99 (regularly $79.99), which means now is the perfect time to join in on the good, clean fun. SHOP IT: $38.99;

Spin Mop
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The Deluxe Spin Mop System is everything you need to catapult yourself into a full-blown floor-cleaning enthusiast—no additional parts or pieces required. The only addition? Maybe a little powdered laundry detergent, but more on that later. This bargain of a Black Friday deal comes with a bucket on wheels with a retractable handle, an extra-long telescoping stainless steel mop handle, and a whopping six microfiber replacement head refills. Unlike other spin mop systems, the spin motion comes from pushing down on the handle of the mop, rather than using a foot pump. Reviewers claim the stainless-steel spinner compartment is actually more effective than the plastic versions at wicking away excess moisture.

Also different than some other models is the 180-degree swivel head that makes cleaning under furniture and large appliances a breeze. Because the system comes with six replacement heads, you can easily swap out the brushes as you move from room to room, ensuring you're starting fresh and not passing along residual dirt, germs, and grime between spaces. If you're anything like me, your home won't truly feel clean until you've given your floors a once-over—well, maybe a twice over if time isn't of the essence. Oh, and to make sure those floors really sparkle without a hint of streaking, I follow the direction of the amazing Go Clean Co. (prepare to be obsessed if you haven't come across this cleaning hack account yet) and add a tablespoon of powdered Tide to a bucket of piping hot water. The clean scent can't be beat.

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Spin Mop
Credit: Amazon

Tsmine Deluxe Spin Mop Bucket System

Each microfiber mop head can be thrown in the wash after cleaning. I add in a little bleach to disinfect, which does the trick every time.

SHOP IT: $38.99;