Take your best shots and put them on display for everyone to see--no framing required.
Try This With Favorite Photographs
Credit: Charles Walton IV
  1. Make your own cover art. Print a large, black-and-white version of a photo (or have a copy center do it for you), and wrap it around a journal or book.Tape the paper inside the front cover, and arrange a collection of books on your coffee
  2. Cut photos to fit inside vintage cases, available at flea markets and antiques shops. Prop them up, or take cases with you anywhere.
  3. Place a photo inside a tall cylinder glass vase so it faces outward. Add a smaller vase filled with flowers inside the larger one.
  4. Lay a cookie cutter on top of a photo (or a color copy of a photo), and trace around it along the inside. Lift cutter, and cut out photo. Use tape to secure the cutout inside the cookie cutter. We found these at www.coppergifts.com.

"Try This With Favorite Photos" is from the July 2006 issue of Southern Living.