Decorate your home with fabric using these four easy ideas.
Try This With Fabric
Credit: Charles Walton IV / Styling:  Alan Henderson
  1. Glue or sew fabric squares together along three sides to create a pouch. For a drawstring opening, add glue to the top fabric edge and fold it down to make a pocket; thread a shoestring or cording through the pocket. Fill with dried lavender.
  2. Give an old dresser a new attitude. Cut fabric to the same size as the drawer fronts. Adhere material to furniture using spray adhesive or a decoupage medium such as Mod Podge.
  3. We softened up this chair with a simple slipcover skirt. It's an easy job for a seamstress or upholstery shop.
  4. Glue or stitch fabric to a plain throw pillow. Attach ribbon in a crisscross pattern on top with fabric glue.

This article is from the January 2006 issue of Southern Living.