Easy Tricks for Keeping Your House Tidy, Courtesy of a Professional Organizer

For those of you who haven't gone full-Marie Kondo, yet.

Anybody who has ever set out to organize their home knows that the hard part is often what comes next: maintaining it.

The unfortunate reality is that the Marie Kondos of the world are few and far between, which is why many people end up slipping back into their old disorganized ways after attempting big organizational changes.

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But that doesn't mean there's no hope. To figure out where most people go wrong when it comes to getting their home in shape, Apartment Therapy spoke with organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal, who recommends looking at organizing not as a weekend chore, but as a lifestyle change.

"They think it is the same as cleaning and tidying up and that it is a one-time event," Rosenthal said. "Being and staying organized should be a way of life and can be."

With that in mind, set your new, decluttered lifestyle up for success by implementing systems you can envision yourself following.

"I always advise putting systems into place that work for you and your lifestyle," Rosenthal continued. "For example, if you don't like to color code your clothing and it takes too much time, don't do it. Every couple of months, revisit the systems you are using and your spaces to make sure everything is working for you."

And for those of you who are looking for small, everyday actions that can help keep your house in order, Rosenthal has two golden rules:

  1. Put things back where they belong once taken out.
  2. Manage mail and papers as they come in

Seems easy enough, right?

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