Steal These 7 Space-Saving Tips From Tiny Houses

Here’s how you can max out life in a small space.

Southern White Porch with Swings
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An obsession with tiny houses has swept the nation. What's not to love about these compact, cozy homes? Residents of quaint cottages have mastered the art of living small. Even some of our most popular Southern Living house plans are less than 1,000 square feet (like the 660-square-foot cottage shown above).

By incorporating smart storage solutions and utilizing every inch of available space, tiny home dwellers understand how living with less can feel like more. Plus, they've proven how decorating smaller spaces can blend the pretty with the practical. The key is finding functional storage solutions still packed with charm. Whether you're looking to downsize or maximize smaller rooms in your home, here are seven of our favorite space-saving tips you should steal from tiny houses.

1. Declutter

In tiny homes, there's no extra space for unnecessary clutter, so organization is key. Start by cleaning your kitchen cabinets, closets, shelves, and junk drawers. Once finished, commit to keeping only the essentials.

2. Utilize Outdoor Spaces

Porches are alfresco extensions of the indoors. Make your outdoor living area a comfortable place where family and friends will want to gather with extra seating, tables, container gardens, and more.

3. Loft Your Bed

Utilize every inch of space, including the area underneath your bed. Use it for storage. If you don't want your bed to stand too high off the ground, buy a pair of shorter bed risers instead. Hide any unsightly storage containers with a long bed skirt.

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4. Line Passageways and Halls With Shelving

Use every available space on walls and in hallways with open shelving. Storing kitchen items like dishes or cookbooks can be just as decorative as family photos and other personal mementos.

5. Tuck Furniture Into Nooks

In smaller rooms with lots of foot traffic, position extra seating in out-of-the-way areas like nooks or open spaces under a staircase.

6. Rethink Shelving

Make the most of your shelving by incorporating ways to store items on the bottom side. Traditionally empty, the underside of a shelf is a great place to keep things like wine glasses, spices, or other kitchen utensils. There are DIY solutions for attaching hooks that match your storage needs.

7. Buy Furniture To Fit The Space

Find furniture pieces that make the most sense for your space. Make furniture fit your room instead of trying to make the space work based on a particular item. Properly equipping an area with the right furniture size is an interior design must-do, so opt for the smaller sectional if it makes sense. Also, look into furniture that serves a double purpose with hidden storage or can customize with mix-and-match parts.

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