It has completely simplified my one-load-a-day process.
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Made By Design Folding X-Frame Hamper
Credit: Target

I used to have laundry baskets in every bedroom in our house. It made laundry day a true day-long affair, all starting with the arduous process of sorting through pounds of dirty towels, muddy toddler clothes, and socks—oh, the socks. When we moved to a new house over the summer, I decided enough was enough with being a three-hamper family. I was going to consolidate with one basket that would live in the mudroom, and the Folding X-Frame Hamper from Made By Design was going to make it happen. BUY IT: $30;

I would have never thought a laundry basket could revolutionize my daily to-dos quite like this one has. For some reason the sorting was always the biggest obstacle in staying on top of the laundry situation and we have a lot of it with two toddlers who would spend every day outside—rain or shine—if it was up to them. It took a commitment of both time and floorspace in order to get everything tossed into like-colored mounds, and also required the focus to make it through all the piles in one fell swoop. Who wants laundry sitting on the floor for days on end anyway? I found the trick is to split up the laundry from the get-go.  

The X-Frame Hamper comes in either single or triple bin options but, of course, it's the triple-bin that's the secret to my new laundry process. Darks, lights, and whites all get separated instead of thrown in the same big pile. Doing the sorting, little-by-little, instead of spending an hour each Saturday morning, has certainly made the process more manageable (and less likely for procrastination). Now I'm much more inclined to throw on a load while I'm making dinner or giving baths. It's so mindless that I don't even question putting it off, which we all know is half the battle.

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Made By Design Folding X-Frame Hamper
Credit: Target

X-Frame Hamper – Made By Design

The collapsible, x-frame design comes with a removable liner with three separate compartments. Even when loaded down with laundry, the basket doesn't misshape, tilt, or lose balance.

BUY IT: $30;