5 Things To Get Rid of in a Small Kitchen

There's literally no room for error in tiny cooking spaces…

Small Modern White Kitchen
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Petite kitchens definitely have their perks: they clean up quick, and you have everything you need within arms reach. You won't feel like you've sprinted all over an industrial restaurant-style kitchen after preparing one bowl of scrambled eggs. There's also a reason folks build out gigantic, sprawling kitchens when the opportunity presents itself. But fear not, even in the tiniest of cooking zones, there can be a space for everything. Here are a few things to ditch to make room for the real necessities.

The Silverware Drawer

Hear us out. I wrote recently about how taking my silverware out of the drawer and putting it onto the counter made all the difference in my ONE drawer kitchen. Now unwieldy kitchen gadgets can live in the drawer, and my silverware is tidily organized on the counter in pencil holders. (Inexpensive, too!)

Paper Towels on the Counter

Now that you've got silverware on the counter, it might be time to rethink paper towels on the counter. For families that use them frequently and in large quantities, their place on the counter may be priority. But if you don't use many, consider a behind-the-door or under-the-counter holder to save on prep space.

Superfluous, Incredibly Niche, Single-Task Gadgets

Why do I have an avocado cuber, an avocado knife, and an avocado spoon? I eat maybe one avocado a week. A butter knife works just fine. Another example: those tiny pans made for one egg. Maybe a bit redundant if you ask me.

Major Clutter Culprits: Mugs and Tupperware

Mugs make for qiuppy, cute, and useful gifts. And while I appreciate them, and would love to actually use all of them, there are about two I stick with. They tend to not stack well, and simply take up a lot of unnecessary room. And Tupperware? We're all familiar with the cabinet of misfit plastic containers. Toss any pieces that seem to be permanently separated from their lid or vice-versa.

Multiple measuring spoons.

I have a spoon that is adjustable from a teaspoon to a tablespoon. And boy oh boy. Is it a game changer when you only have ONE kitchen drawer. This is a must have for tiny kitchens. Ditch the bulky, multi-piece sets. Every square inch of space counts after all.

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With a just a little rearranging, smart organization, and clever swaps, a tiny kitchen can be just as organized as any kitchen with endless cabinets and prep space. Tell us: what are your favorite ways to work around tiny drawers and minimal cabinet space?

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