Over 19,000 shoppers swear by it.
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TOUT Amazon Miracle Cleaning Paste
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We're always wary when it comes to trusting products that claim to work "miracles." After all, there's a reason Southern mamas teach their kids to grate cheese by hand instead of buying the pre-shredded stuff and fathers make sure everyone knows how to change a tire before hitting the road. You can do just about anything if you put some elbow grease into it. 

However, we're open-minded enough to listen when almost 20,000 Amazon shoppers—plus countless users on Instagram and TikTok—swear by a "miracle" product. One thing we do trust? Results. Apparently, Amazon's best-selling Pink Stuff, also known as The Miracle Cleaning Paste, gives all the results and then some. 

After a look at the customer reviews and photos on Amazon, we started to get the hype. Just a few swipes of the cream cleaner seem to totally erase stains and gunk from the grossest of household objects, including ceramic tile grout, stovetops, ovens, window crevices, dirty sheet pans, dull faucets, hard water stains, and more. It calls for you to simply apply the product, let sit, and then use a towel or sponge to remove and unveil your newly clean surface.

Reviewers note that the paste can even remove rampant crayon drawings on walls and doors (left behind by a rogue toddler) easily. Others suggested that for extra tough stains, leave the product to sit for longer than the recommended time, and the paste still does the trick. Overall, shoppers were of the same consensus: It's a miracle. 

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Amazon Miracle Cleaning Paste
Credit: Amazon

The Pink Stuff

So if you're looking to dig deep into your home's dirtiest nooks and crannies this year, The Miracle Cleaning Paste is here to give your elbow grease some extra oomph. 

BUY IT: $10.75; amazon.com