15 Tricks to Speed Clean the House

Cabin Living Room
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You procrastinated cleaning the house all week thinking you would pack in a thorough deep cleaning the morning of your company's arrival since they are not due to get to your home til the early evening. Then you find out that your guests will be arriving at 9am not 4pm. You did stay up cooking for them! Now you're too overwhelmed over where to even begin stashing, straightening, and wiping. You panic running in circles like the dog on the Beggin' Strips commercial for five minutes realizing that this approach isn't going to get your house clean. It's okay, breathe deeply, forget about attempting a deep clean, you're only going to have time to tackle the big and visible things. Master our house-cleaning checklist and then get on with your speed clean. Namaste.

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Use Your Sink

Lindsey Beatty Kitchen

Hide your dirty dishes in a deep sink, in the dishwasher, or even in the oven. A quick sweep of the kitchen will make it look spectacular.

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Go for the Closets

Closet Organizing

Stash clothes and coats in closets. Don't fret if its not the item's proper place, you can go back and straighten later.

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Quick Thinking

Foyer Table
Laurey W. Glenn

This goes for shoes too. If you notice one after company arrives, just kick it under the table.

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Welcoming Seating

Window Seating Area
Brie Williams

Style and straighten your sofa cushions and fluff your pillows.

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Don't Throw It Away

The Sunroom
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Neatly fold any and all visible throws. This will give your space a polished look.

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Folded is Better

Bailey Bathroom
Hector Sanchez

This applies for all visible towels too—hand towels, bath towels, and dish towels.

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Empty the Trash

Red and Black Powder Room
Laurey W. Glenn

Empty the garbage cans and waste baskets—particularly the ones in powder rooms.

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From the Hotel Handbook

Bathroom Tissue
Laurey W. Glenn

Roll up the ends of the toilet paper—a long trail of that will defeat every cleaning effort that you've made thus far.

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Straighten the Books

Brie Williams

Organize and neaten your bookshelves. Make sure that all the spines are pointing in the same direction and objects are pulled close to the end of the shelf.

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Hide the Black Box

Organize TV Cabinet
Laurey W. Glenn

Hide as much technology as you can: cords, tvs, remotes—none of these convey welcoming feelings.

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Tripping Hazards

Kasler Laundry Room
Erica Dines

Clear away all dog toys and leashes to their designated hooks, nooks, or basket. You never know where Beau or Butter have left their bone.

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Beware the Dust Bunny

Cabin Living Room
Erica George Dines

Dust tabletops and any other spot where a highly visible dust bunny could be lurking—like a corner, shelf ledge, or the tops of picture frames.

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A Quick Sweep

Cabin Porch
Erica George Dines

Sweep off your front porch, front steps, or front foyer where leaves and dirt collect. Shake out your front mat too.

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Fresh and Clean

Kasler Kitchen
Erica Dines

Wipe down countertops with a clean smelling product like Windex, Chlorox, 409, or Mrs. Meyers.

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Flick a Match

Organized Entry

Light a candle. Relax and have fun!

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