Small-space challenges cover more than just the nuts and bolts of figuring out where to store pots in your kitchen. You also need to think about challenges like, "How do I maximize seating in rooms where company comes all the time?" Making a small space feel larger is most helpful when you're trying to fit an additional four people comfortably into your living room. These space-saving tips aren't just for tiny homes, though. Minimize clutter and maximize breathing room in a house of any size with these tips from Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen. One great tip? Think of curtains as doors. They provide the same privacy, but don't take up nearly as much room as an open or closed door. You may also want to consider built-in shelves. Although this sounds counter-intuitive, built-in shelves optimize your storage space and minimize clutter. Another item we love to use is a mirror. Be strategic about what you're reflecting; the goal is to reflect light into the room so that the small space feels more open without reflecting messy corners. What's your favorite small-space trick?

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