Maximize every inch of this hardworking space.

Give your home’s most hardworking room an easy makeover with a few key organization updates. On top of washing and drying duties, laundry rooms usually serve other roles too: linen closet, mudroom, storage room, multipurpose room, etc. If your laundry room is on the smaller size, you know that utilizing every inch of space is important. First, make a point to keep the clutter and piles of dirty clothes to a minimum; letting even little messes pile up can quickly make the room look and feel smaller than it is. Your home can’t operate efficiently without cleaning products and other household essentials, so start the organization process by giving them designated areas. Try these nine space-saving storage solutions to streamline your laundry room so it can stand up to the toughest of tasks.

1. Invest in a front-load washer and dryer.

This frees up the tops for additional storage space for cleaning products or can be used as a folding area.

2. Install cabinetry.

Hang it high so no inch of space goes to waste. Inside, you can keep cleaning supplies, hampers, and other tools out of view.

3. Go for a foldout ironing board.

Storing big, bulky ironing boards in the wall can free up valuable closet space.

4. Add shelving to spaces where you can’t put anything else.

Visit a local home-supply store for easy-to-install shelving.

5. Use baskets and bins to organize supplies.

Write its contents on a label so the whole family can follow the organization system.

6. Put pedestal drawers under the washer and dryer.

This extra space provides convenient storage for laundry essentials.

7. Attach hooks to the back of the laundry room door.

Utilize every inch of possible space for hanging caps, coats, or backpacks.

8. Use a drying rod for hanging wet clothes.

It will take up much less space than a drying rack.

9. Pick a compact washer and dryer.

The stackable combo is perfect for apartments and other smaller spaces.