A Simplehuman Dual Step Trash Can Is the Best Gift Card Purchase I've Ever Made

Step and repeat.

Simplehuman Dual Compartment Step Trash Can
Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond

I find joy in unlikely places. For instance, I couldn't stop talking about the happiness that came from deep cleaning my front load washing machine. Scrubbing my cabinets, windows, and doors on the regular is a source of pride (not a smudge on them) and badge of courage (and with two toddlers at that!). So it probably comes as no surprise that I'm also the type that has been cyber stalking a trash can for the past 8 years or so. It has not been low key. I considered putting it on my wedding registry back at the start of the obsession, but concerns regarding how that might be received (tacky, greedy, nonsensical, etc.) dissuaded me. As it turns out, good things come to those who wait, and it came to me in the form of a generous gift card.

"Do you think it's crazy to use this entire gift card on a trash can?" This is the question that was rolling around in my mind for weeks prior to voicing it aloud to my husband as the trash can in question sat in my online cart.

Without hesitation he answered, "Not if it makes you happy." I mean, smart man. So I hit purchase on my Simplehuman Dual Compartment Step Trash Can at a whopping $199 and never looked back.

Up until our shiny new receptacle arrived, we had a process of gathering recycles in a bag that hung on our mudroom door, but no longer. The new can has a 6.3 gallon recycling bin with a metal handle that lifts out for easy transport to our outdoor recycling bin. I wipe the bucket clean with Lysol after every drop—no surprise there. The other half of the bin is a 9-gallon trash compartment that calls for the brand's customized code H liners.

The fact that I would have to buy trash bags specific to my fancy trash can was something that held me from hitting go on this purchase for quite some time. Would the quality be up to par with the supermarket variety I've been using for years? Would I gawk at the price of refills? Would the capacity be sufficient? These and so many other concerns were quickly assuaged within week one. The bags last, the capacity is actually larger than our previous can (read: less waste replacing bags), and—this is the real clincher—they stay put. No slipping thanks to the flip-up liner that securely holds the bag in place and keeps it covered. All you see is a sleek rectangular trash can, sans peeking drawstring.

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Other notable features include a nano-silver clear coat over the stainless steel finish, which means smudges wipe off with just a damp towel, and a wide pedal and soft-close lid lock out odors and keeps my kitchen running smoothly and tidily. In short, it's a dream for the type-A cleaners among us.

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