Shark WandVac in Rose Gold
Credit: Shark

Restock Alert: If You're Daring Enough To Gift a Loved One a Vacuum, Let It Be This Rose Gold Number

Better yet, just snag one for yourself.
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It's a brave soul who thinks, yes, I will buy her a vacuum for [insert occasion and/or holiday]. Only if a vacuum is expressly wished for does this become a safe bet. If you are at all dubious, it's best to err on the side of caution and go a different route. (We've got some creative ideas to get you started if you're stumped.) Now that we have all of our disclaimers out of the way, we need to give you the dish on what just might be the most gift-able vacuum we've ever laid eyes on. It's none other than the Shark WANDVAC System Ultra-Lightweight Powerful Cordless Stick Vacuum.

There are a lot of features I love about this 2.1-pound cordless vacuum. The charging dock is at the top of the list. It provides a tidy little station for charging, storing, and holding the attachments. You can easily snap out of the stick vacuum mode and convert it into a handvac, perfect for tight places, cars, boats, you name it. The system can be stored two different ways, depending on your preferred cleaning method. I store mine on the base in full stick vacuum mode so I can easily grab it and go at my floors with reckless abandon at a moment's notice.

When I'm zipping around the house, there's nothing quite like the swivel-ability of the head for keeping up with me and getting in every last corner and crevice. It easily fits under my furniture, grabbing all those furballs that seem to multiply by the minute if given the chance. When I'm ready to empty the dustbin, I just press down on a little lever on the handle and the cartridge pops open, emptying with just the touch of a finger—and without getting mine dirty.

All of these features are great, fantastic even, but none quite hold a candle to what's really important: the aesthetics. The Shark WANDVAC system comes in five different colors: slate (silver), sage, cove (light blue), thistle (purple), and—now back in stock—rose gold. We won't say it's the next best thing to jewelry, but if you are going to give a vacuum, better make it a rose gold one.

Shark WANDVAC System in Rose Gold
Credit: Shark

Shark WANDVAC System Ultra-Lightweight Powerful Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Sure, it's pretty, but this system also packs a punch as the most powerful cordless hand vacuum under 2.1 pounds that's on the market.