Scrub your way to a spotless home

BUY IT: $10.99 for pack of 3;

One side is smooth for everyday messes and the other side is zigzag for tougher stains. The smile is also perfect for spoons.


The time for spring-cleaning is again upon us. Welcome the new season by showing your home some love and giving it a deep clean. Dirt and grime have crept into even the smallest of spaces during winter months, so grab your favorite productsand freshen up your home for spring. Spring-cleaning can seem like an overwhelming chore if you’ve been putting off the task for a few weeks (or more). Follow this guide of 10 simple tips for mastering spring-cleaning, and your house will look and feel brand-new in no time. Or if you’re short on time, check out these five easy shortcuts for sprucing up your home in a hurry.

What’s a must-have spring-cleaning product? We love the Scrub Daddy sponge. You may have seen this popular item on Shark Tank, and after one use, you’ll see why its smiley face shape is such a hit. Make your life easier with the Scrub Daddy, which can be used for all of the cleaning tasks on your agenda. This flexible, durable sponge can take on the toughest of messes in your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond. It’s made from a unique foam material that changes texture based on water temperature. The eye and mouth holes allow for a better grip, and you don’t have to worry about this sponge scratching any of your surfaces. Another plus—the Scrub Daddy won’t hold odors for up to two months, so you can keep it by your kitchen sink without stinking up the whole room. Debris doesn’t stick to this sponge either, so just rinse it clean and it’ll be ready for the next item on your to-do list. You can use old Scrub Daddy sponges for dirtier outdoor projects like cleaning the grill or yard tools. We swear by this product for taking on not only your spring-cleaning checklist but for cleaning and other chores all year round.