5 Reasons You Should Have a Scrub Daddy Sponge in Your Kitchen

They have over 8,500 5-star reviews on Amazon.

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Scrub Daddy Sponge
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A few years ago, my grandmother introduced my mom, sister, and me to the magic of the Scrub Daddy sponge. To this day, you'll spot one of the smiling sponges in each of our kitchens. I always have one sitting on my kitchen sink, and one backup in the cabinet for when it's time for it to be replaced because no other sponge gets the job done as good as a Scrub Daddy can.

While you may recognize the brightly colored sponge from its appearance on Shark Tank, if you've never tried one for yourself, I'm here to tell you why you should change that. I promise that after just one use, you'll see why its smiley face shape is such a hit.

1. They're Temperature Controlled
You get the power of a soft and firm sponge in one with the Scrub Daddy. When used with cold water, they'll remain firm for tough scrubbing while warm water will soften the sponge's texture for lighter cleaning jobs.

2. The Mouth Serves a Purpose
In addition to creating part of the smiling sponge's signature look, the smile is also the perfect shape to clean both sides of a spoon in just one swipe.

3. They Resist Unpleasant Scents
Scrub Daddy's signature FlexTexture is designed to dry within an hour so it won't mold and won't hold on to unpleasant odors.

4. They're Easy To Grip
The round shape of the sponge fits perfectly in the palm of your hand while the eyes of the sponge can also be used for a secure grip while cleaning containers of any shape.

5. It's Always Smiling
Last but not least, it's the happiest sponge you'll ever own. The bright color and happy face instantly makes cleaning a little more enjoyable.

If this list still hasn't convinced you to add a pack of Scrub Daddy sponges to your cart, over 8,500 reviewers on Amazon have also shared their love for the hardworking sponge. "I have used Scrub Daddy for years and my kitchen is not complete without it!" shared one reviewer. Another reviewer claims, "We won't use another sponge again". These are just two of the thousands of customers who, like me, agree that the Scrub Daddy sponge is worth every penny.

Scrub Daddy

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