6 Things An Organized Person Does Not Have In Her Bathroom

Hasta la vista, clutter!

We can all recognize a beautiful bathroom, but it can be difficult to tell what actually makes the space appealing. Some folks choose to incorporate bold, bright colors into their bathrooms, with a textured mat or patterned shower curtains. Bathrooms with clean, simple lines and pops of fresh greenery read as modern and elegant. While we can see what we're drawn to, it's also easy to tell when you're in a not-so-appealing bathroom. If you're hoping to refresh your space, there a few things you should definitely look out for; you won't find any of these six culprits in an organized gal's bath.

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Old Makeup

Do yourself (and your skin) a favor by tossing any expired products into the trash. Not only will this free up your vanity for fresh trends – or new versions of your favorite classics – it'll also save you unwanted bacteria on your eyelids or cheeks that can grow in older products. If you haven't used the concealer or eyeliner in six months, it's probably smart to toss. Don't keep products that clutter up your counter or makeup kit if you aren't using them regularly.

Multiple Products

This tends to be a sneaky culprit of clutter in many bathrooms. If you're getting close to the end of your moisturizer and go ahead and buy a new one, don't set it out until you've finished the first one. And, throw out the old product before opening the new one. Do you really need three sticks of deodorant? If you have backup products, keep them in a linen closet or tucked away in a bathroom cupboard until you're ready to use them. And, if you've tried something that you don't like and you know it won't become part of your routine, chuck it.

Random Household Items

Organized gals aren't keeping empty cups, pens, bed sheets, rubber bands, or dish soap in their bathrooms. If an item doesn't have a use in your bathroom, put it back in its place (or create a more appropriate space for it). You can always tell who keeps up with their home by how their bathroom looks; the ones we tend to deem as messy or unorganized almost always have products in them that don't seem to belong in a bathroom.


This seems like a given, but the more clutter your bathroom has, the less organized it'll be. Not only should you minimize things that are on display in your bathroom: soaps, shampoos, candles, towels, knickknacks, etc. – you should also throw out anything unneeded. Toss any bulky packaging or leftover plastic from toilet paper packs. The less you have sitting on your countertops or taking up room in your cupboard, the happier you'll be with the space (and, the more space you'll have!). If you have glass cabinets or shelves, be strategic about what you're displaying. While a stack of fresh towels or a pretty plant are aesthetically pleasing, glass-front cupboards can magnify clutter if you're lining shelves with products and personal items.


Have you noticed that the gorgeous bathrooms on Pinterest aren't showing off straighteners or curling irons? Cords are an easy way to make a space look busy and unpolished, which is why there are a dozen and a half hacks out there for storing them out of sight. If you use these products daily, try out a container that hangs onto a towel rack, or, even better, inside a cupboard door. You can even mount PVC pipe on the inside of a cabinet to hold your heat styling tools and their cords.

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Even if you've got a tiny half-bath without a ton of storage space, you'll be amazed at how a good, deep-cleaning makes a world of difference. Organized bathrooms are also usually clean ones, and wiping down your counters so that they're free of dirt and grime will instantly brighten up a space. And, vice-versa – you could have the most organized bathroom in the world, but, if it's dirty, it won't look welcoming. Wipe down the mirrors, run a vaccuum or mop over the floors, and scrub off dried toothpaste from inside the sink. If you're hoping to organize your bathroom and don't know where to start, grab your all-purpose cleaner.

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