6 Secrets to Steal for Bigger and Better Storage

Concealing TV behind Door in Living Room
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Designer Rachel Halvorson helped homeowners Michelle and Nick Spiva downsize their home in Nashville after their three boys left for college. When it comes to mixing storage and design, it is important to know what you want. Here are some small space design ideas that make the Spiva's daily lives a little easier.

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1. The Bar

Dry Bar
Laurey W. Glenn

Michelle had these deeper-than-average drawers custom built to fit the tallest bottle in their liquor cabinet. (She measured!) Shelves built into the framing on the sides of the bar also add storage for glasses and other bar tools.

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2. The Doggy Door

Doggy Door Hidden Behind Kitchen Cabinet
Laurey W. Glenn

Evie, the family pooch, comes and goes as she pleases through this easy hidden exit from the kitchen to the porch. She also has her own eating area in the kitchen under a set of cabinets.

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3. The Wine Storage

Wine Rack Storage Kitchen
Laurey W. Glenn

What do you do with a little space next to the fridge? Halvorson used the narrow space for wine storage. A simple cubby design allows for standard bottles, while shelves at the bottom work for bottles that might be a little wider.

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4. The Office

Home Office
Laurey W. Glenn

Situated in the front of the home, the office is Michelle's personal space for working and reading. In order to use an open writing desk in the space, Halvorson set up storage cabinets off to the side. She added a vignette on top so the cabinets felt more like a side table.

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5. The Family Room

Concealing TV behind Door in Living Room
Laurey W. Glenn

When you combine a family room and more formal living room, you don't want the TV and wires to be on display. Here, Halvorson used paneling to her advantage. By covering the fireplace wall in light oak, she was able to conceal doors hiding the TV. On the other side, doors open into the hallway.

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6. The Bunk Room

Bunkroom with Ping Pong Table
Laurey W. Glenn

"The plan is for this house to transition into the future," says Michelle. "Right now, partying college kids are sleeping in here. Hopefully, at some point, it will be used for grandchildren." Drawers were added to the under the bottom bunks for extra blankets and pillows. They're also a great place to throw things in case a quick clean is needed.

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