Prepdeck Meal Prepping Station

Amazon Shoppers Hail This Meal-Prepping Station a "Time-Saving, All-in-One Kitchen Accessory"

Less mess, less stress.
By Kaitlyn Yarborough
April 20, 2021
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What do the person who loves spending hours in the kitchen making a home-cooked meal and the person who refuses to spend more than 15 minutes standing around the stovetop have in common? If we had to guess, they'd both agree that cleanup is the hands-down worst part of the whole scenario. When we're stuffed with Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas and feeling cozy, the last thing we want to do is wash every last bowl and knife used in the process. That's where organized cooks have let us in on a little Amazon secret: the Prepdeck. 

This meal-prepping station helps you prepare and store everything you need to make your favorite meals in one space, complete with a cutting board and clear stackable storage containers in many sizes. No more rummaging through your kitchen for bowls, cutting boards, measuring cups, and various tools. It keeps your ingredients organized and your counter clean throughout the process of chopping, slicing, mincing, and grating. 

Prepdeck Meal Prepping Station
Credit: Amazon

However, don't mistake the Prepdeck as just a complicated switch for pulling out your cutting board and some bowls to throw all of your chopped components in. Instead, it provides different functional lids for the clear containers that allow you to do your prepping right into each container with no mess. For example, attach the grating lid onto a clear container to be able to grate your carrots right into the container, or use the slicer to prepare potatoes for saucing up into a cheesy potato casserole. There are even lid attachments that let you zest and juice lemons into containers. 

When you're done prepping your components, you can use the plain lids to store all of your ingredients. This is especially helpful when preparing ingredients for throw-together weekday lunches or for a big family meal later in the week. (Because your mother doesn't take tardiness to Sunday lunch lightly.) When you're done, everything can be thrown right in the dishwasher.

The Prepdeck makes getting in the kitchen just a little bit easier when it comes to the "before" and "after" of your meal, which makes the "during" part even more enjoyable. Shop the Prepdeck below. 

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Prepdeck Meal Prepping Station
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