Help yourself to our tips about new paint products that make painting a room much less than work.
Paint Products That Make the Job Easier
Help yourself to our tips about new paint products that make painting a room much less than work.
| Credit: Reesa Berkstresser, John O'Hagan

Great New Paint Supplies
If it's been a while since you've painted a room, chances are you're probably not up to speed on what's out there concerning interior paint. And let's face it--any new product or tip that will make the job go smoother is appreciated. We've done the homework for you by highlighting these handy finds.

Freshly painted rooms are always great to look at, but smelling them is another thing. While well-known brands such as Benjamin Moore, Devoe Paints, and Sherwin-Williams have responded with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products, which stop the odor at its source, the Scentco company has taken things one step further. Stir in one pouch of their Paint Pourri air freshener additive to a gallon of paint, and your walls will emit a pleasing scent for up to one year. For more details visit

For bumpy walls, Builders Solution interior paint from Sherwin-Williams contains a latex surfacer and top coat, creating a smooth surface over dents. Visit

Why Taping Is Worth It
Unless you're a professional painter, it's hard to get a straight paint line without masking off areas with tape. Here are some helpful hints.

Check the tape's adhesion level. Newly painted and delicate finishes require lower adhesion, while rough surfaces can handle higher ones.

To keep paint from seeping under your masked-off areas, be sure the surface is clean and dry before applying. Also, consult the manufacturer's recommended time for leaving painter's tape in place before removing.

Help for Your Ceiling
If you've ever painted a ceiling white that's already white, you know how difficult it is to see what's been covered. Add some sloping surfaces, and it becomes even more difficult--unless you know about EZ Track ceiling paint by Glidden. The paint goes on pink and then turns white. You can keep track of your progress and touch up misses along the way. Go to, or ask for EZ Track paint at your local home-improvement store.