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If you've read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or are all about the home organization maestro's new Netflix show (or both), you've likely given some thought to tackling your dresser drawers. A hotbed for disarray, wrinkles, and clutter, folding clothes according to her "KonMari Method" of organizing can only take you so far.

Sometimes, us mere mortals without superpowered housecleaning genetic mutations could use some extra help though. What to turn to? As a recent article on Apartment Therapy clued us in, try the OXO Good Grips Expandable Dresser Drawer Divide (a two-pack on Amazon currently retails for $19.99).

What makes them so useful, as writer Marshall Bright describes in the piece, is that the adjustable drawer dividers allow you to customize the space in a way that makes sense for your belongings. "Unlike many drawer organization systems, this will fit just about any space, meaning you're left with no gaps or unused space.You can also decide how much space you need for each section, and move it around easily as you change your mind," writes Bright. "And unlike other expandable drawers, these are sturdy and don't budge at all. See that black tread? Once you get it to the length you want, you lower the grey tab, activating a spring that works with the grips to keep it firmly in place, no screws or nails required."

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Now that you've organized your dresser, how about finally getting around to cleaning up your junk drawer? We promise it's easier than you think.