We dust. And we dust with this high-class feather duster.

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Long Handled Feather Duster
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

I loathe cleaning. Other than organizing and de-cluttering, it's my least favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny house with a lot of "collections," a very fluffy dog, and for some reason a lot of Daddy Long Legs. All of these things amount to a major dust/fur/cobweb problem. Luckily in this job, I'm the recipient of the newest cleaning products and I'm well acquainted with the entire Swiffer product line. I can attest to their patented Dust Lock Adhesive. ™ Sure they grab that dust, but they are also so complicated that they rarely make it out my closet. Also, even with the extended reach, I still can't get to the high corners of rooms or swing behind furniture. Frustrated, I've been looking for an old-school feather duster like the ones that my grandmother had in her home. I checked all the big shops like Target and Home Depot plus the grocery store, Everyone just had cheap throw-away dusters that require costly refills, which seem wasteful. Convinced that a duster should be a single-equipment-item only, I've been holding out for the right one.

Last week, I found the handsome feather duster of my dreams. It looks like a prop from an Amelia Bedelia book. It has a polished wood handle topped with a shapely plume of black ostrich feathers made by an old German cleaning supply company, Redecker. It was perched on a display table surrounded by the most elegant cleaning items imaginable at the most interesting design shop in the East Village of Manhattan, John Derian Company. It cost $50 (steep), but I don't have to bother with refills or brittle plastic. It reaches high up in my corners and traps the dust safely in its feathers until I shake it out off the side of my porch. Since dusting is easy now– just a swoop, swoop, and a shake – I'm actually doing it now.

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