Your quest to conquer clutter starts now. 


Southern women are known to take care of their belongings—a process that relies on good foundational organization skills. Remove these five things from your home to kick-start your clutter-conquering journey today.

Complicated Organizational Supplies
The secret behind an organized home is ease of maintenance. The fact is, anyone can spend a weekend getting their space organized, but if they can't keep it that way, their clutter isn't truly vanquished. Thus, contrary to what big-box organizational stores would like you to believe, organized women don't typically have a perfectly right-sized box, stand, slot, or folder for each of their possessions. They have fewer possessions (things they love and want to take care of), and streamlined organizational systems that are sensible and easy to maintain.

Messy Piles of Paper
Organized women immediately tackle all mail, magazines, and newspapers that come into their home—before that paper merges to form a messy pile of undetermined importance. Work out a simple mail system (for example, by sorting mail into slots or bins labeled "To Pay," "To File," "To Read," and "To Recycle"), and don't leave your entryway until all incoming mail is addressed.
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Junky Makeup Drawers
Most southern women wouldn't be caught dead outside the home without the right shade of lipstick and swipe of mascara—thus, they consider a disorganized makeup drawer to be an intolerable morning time suck. Streamlined drop-in makeup drawer organizers make morning routines simple, allowing you to grab what you need, apply, and go.
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Jumbled Jewelry Storage
Everything from your grandmother's heirloom pearls to fun cocktail rings to inexpensive costume pieces can easily be lost (or ruined) if piled in a heap on your dresser. Fabric-lined jewelry storage trays easily slip into drawers, protecting your collections while also making everything clearly visible.
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Closets Crammed with Clothing
While it's important to be armed with cute outfits, too many options can be overwhelming and counterproductive, especially if you can't see what you have. Thus, organized women don't have clothing jammed into all corners of their closets; instead, they own a carefully chosen wardrobe displayed on a set of streamlined, space-saving velvet hangers—perfect for offering a little extra closet breathing space.
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